Weekly Mileage: 7/10-7/23


Hey, gang. Sorry I am playing catch up again. 

In my last post I mentioned I was dealing with a tight right hip which was causing soreness and affecting my gait. Well after that unicorn 12-miler in Pittsburgh that I also referenced, my hip revolted and took me out of running for the entirety of week 6. It made me hobble for a solid week and made it quite uncomfortable to bend or squat down. 

I think it was caused by a perfect cocktail of three nearly 12-hour work days on my feet in Denver, that went straight into multiple long drive days (long hours of sitting), mixed with 40 miles of running to create one horrible concoction that just blew up in my face. 

I'd like to think I've grown a tad wiser (just a tad) over the years, and immediately knew that week 6 was going to be focused on work and recovery until my hip gave the green light to run (/walk normal) again. It also allowed me to channel all of my extra free time into finalizing our New Zealand route! Thanks Nicole, Rebekah, Angie, Bing, and all of the amazing folks that sent their recommendations, I greatly appreciate it! 

The older I get, the more respect I have for my body. Or maybe it's the older I get, the more respect my body demands? But, either way I knew it wasn't worth getting upset over. 

Does it stink to miss out on a week of miles? Absolutely. 

However, you've got to give your body the rest it needs. Trust me, it is NOT WORTH running on that niggle or pain you've been having. Pummeling your injury into the ground even more to hit a certain number goal you feel like you have to reach on your training schedule is just plain stupid. Am I guilty of doing that in the past? You better believe it. But the lesson learned is that you will be out for FAR longer if you attempt the latter versus just hanging up your running shoes for a week (or longer). 

Moral of the story: Let your body heal itself and listen for it to give you the go ahead when it's ready. 

Luckily for me, it only took about 8 days. For other runners reading this - yes, that feels and sounds like an eternity - but it was worth the wait. 

I'll go over a few things I've been reminded of these past two weeks, and a couple things I need to focus on or figure out moving forward, but for now here's how Week 6 & 7 panned out: 


Monday, July 10 - My brother's 35th birthday! Happy Birthday, Nate! || REST || Pittsburgh, PA

Tuesday, July 11 - REST || Pittsburgh, PA 

Wednesday, July 12 - REST || Pittsburgh, PA 

Thursday, July 13 - REST || Pittsburgh, PA

Friday, July 14 - REST || Pittsburgh, PA

Saturday, July 15 - REST || Pittsburgh, PA

Sunday, July 16 - REST || Drove from Pittsburgh, PA to Charlotte, NC || Totally off topic, but we had Sunday Night Pizza at this super cute place in Mooresville, NC. If you live in North Carolina, or you're traveling through, it's worth a stop! I may, or may not, have totally indulged in pizza, a glass of wine AND gelato. #yolo || States: PA, WV, VA, NC


0 Miles Running/1 Big Fat Goose Egg
4 States (PA, WV, VA, NC)
1 Angry Hip 


Monday, July 17 - REST || Drove from Charlotte, NC to St. Augustine, FL || UFOs for dinner because the Taco Shop is always a stop when we're in St. Augustine. || States: NC, SC, GA, FL

Tuesday, July 18 - 4.5 Mile Run outside...in soul sucking hot and humid Florida (I'm an idiot for running midday). I was hoping for 6 miles, but cut the run short due to the heat. All smiles though from the right hip and myself. || Prior to the run, we had breakfast at another St. Augustine go-to, Kookaburra. They're an Australian coffee shop my brother turned us on to, and they serve some delicious breakfast ("brekkie") pies. Got a lunch time smoothie from a new to us spot called Crave, and followed up the afternoon with a little Top Golf session in Jacksonville. || St. Augustine + Jacksonville, FL 

I went for the sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, egg and cheddar brekkie pie. 
Bonus points for a great logo
A day off well spent.

Wednesday, July 19 - REST || Picked up product for this market/our upcoming Florida events in Orlando and drove to our next destination, Miami. We have an additional vehicle in this market, so Casey and I were driving separately. En route to Miami, we were cruising on the Florida Turnpike when a tire blew out on my sprinter van. Thankfully it was rear tire, I was driving in the right lane, I was on a section of the highway that had an open shoulder (no guardrail), I heard/felt the pop and was able to safely and quickly get off the highway without causing damage to anyone else, our tour vehicle, or myself. What was supposed to be a pretty easy/straight forward day became an 10-11 hour day between our product not being ready, and the blow out, but I couldn't have cared less. I was so grateful to reach Miami safe and sound. Also, shout out to Ryder for getting to me within an hour and for the excellent service (during a storm nonetheless). Y'all rock! || St. Augustine + Orlando + Miami, FL

Just a little shredded. ;)
Welcome to Miami

Thursday, July 20 - 10 Easy Treadmill [1.5% incline] Miles + arms/core. Because of the Florida heat and humidity (btw, heat and vodka are like my kryptonite. It never ends well) I'll be running on the treadmill until we leave this market. || Side note: we went to pick up more product in Miami, and on our way into the distribution facility we saw an "iguana xing" sign and thought to ourselves "haha, that's funny..." 




There are at least 2 more I missed in this photo, see if you can find them.
Hint: one of the unaccounted iguanas is visible only by its tail. 


Fun fact: you call a group of iguanas, a slaughter (or a mess), and that slaughter house ruled! These guys made my day. 

Friday, July 21 - 8 Easy (and very ugly) Treadmill Miles [1.5% incline] followed by a long (but enjoyable) work day at the Wynwood Yard. If y'all ever get to Miami, this place is so cool. It's an open space in the Arts District with a stage/live band, an outdoor bar, and several food trucks. It's a killer urban concept that was reminiscent of something you'd find in Denver or Portland, but a sweet surprise to find here in Miami. || Miami, FL

Saturday, July 22 - 12 Easy Treadmill Miles [1-1.5% incline] before work. Thanks to my friend Lisa for the extra motivation on this one. Side note: we finally saw the infamous South Beach for the first time in our travels. || Miami, FL 

Sunday, July 23 - 6 Easy Treadmill Miles [1% incline] + strength training (arms + squats + weighted bridges). || Miami, FL 

Can't escape the heat in Florida, even indoors.
Shoes: Altra NYC Torin (currently on sale)


40.5 Miles Running (All run at an easy pace to build mileage back up)
4 States (NC, SC, GA, FL)
1.5 Strength Training Sessions (nothing crazy, no machines, just using dumbbells over here)
1 Flat Tire
20+ Iguana Sightings

What I've learned in the past couple weeks: 

-My body has also reminded me that with age, the little things become much bigger things and it's when you start forgetting to do those little things that much bigger problems arise. For example, all that stretching (especially hip stretches) I forgot to do in Week 5 + post-run clamshells, bridges, and core work adds up. If you forget, you will be reminded of it. This week I made sure I stretched after every run, especially my hips. Just like Week 5, my hip was a little feisty again after the 12-miler, but I'm taking tomorrow off and staying optimistic for week 8. 

-I'm also going to stop throwing out what weekly mileage goal I hope to hit the following week, because thus far I think I've jinxed myself. Also, lets be real, with my travel/work schedule (or lack thereof on this tour) I'm really just trying to take one day at a time, living in the free moments, paying attention to how my body feels and what the day requires work wise. So, whatever that number ends up being is what the mileage is going to be for that week. No guessing, because I genuinely don't have a clue how each week is going to shake out. 

What I need to figure out/work on: 

-I need to figure out a nutrition plan for the marathon. I currently don't have one, and have only used fuel (Sport Beans) on one of my long runs. Just the thought of consuming a gel, especially during these summer months, makes me instantly want to gag. So, I'm open for suggestions if anyone out there has a favorite. I love Tailwind (primarily for the calories + taste), but I'm also not sure I want to carry a water bottle during the marathon (something that's also tbd). 

Goals for next week: 

-Keep this cranky hip under control. My goal is to continuously ride the thin red line and push my weekly mileage upward (in hopes of topping out at 65 miles 1-3 times), alternating higher weeks with cut back weeks, and it's important that I don't fall off on the wrong side of injury. 

-Keep stretching after every run, including clamshells and core work. 

-Keep strength training, especially weighted squats/bridges, in the rotation. 




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