Weekly Mileage: 6/26-7/9


Ya know when you go out with friends, and your drink max is two, but then everyone else orders drink number three, and you know it's always that third one that makes you feel like shit in the morning, and yet you still proceed to order that third IPA/glass of wine knowing that it's a bad idea. Only for the next day to come, you feel gross, you swear you're wiser and you've learned your lesson...
until you're out with your friends again two weeks later and you give the waitress the nod for another round...
...for the third time.

Moral of the metaphor: putting yourself in the same situation over and over and over again expecting different results.

Yeah, that's how I feel about marathon training right about now.

I know from past experiences that marathon training + touring (/experiential marketing - my line of work) do not mix well.
I know that traveling nonstop, not having a routine (or sometimes even a schedule), working long hours on my feet (or sitting for long hours on 500+ mile drive days) and eating out for almost every meal, doesn't exactly scream: SUCCESSFUL MARATHON TRAINING PLAN. 

Yet, here I am.

Figuratively I've ordered my third IPA, it's sloshing around in my stomach, and I've come to the realization that maybe this wasn't my finest idea (again). Yet, here I am expecting different results.

I got into a negative headspace, wondering what the hell I was thinking/getting myself into, and this thought process plagued me during the majority of my runs last week and early this week.


I had a 12-miler today (7/9) that felt like I was the star of some Katy Perry music video - riding bareback on a unicorn down a rainbow slide with butterfly wings on and all was right in the world again.

It made me realize that maybe things can be different. Maybe, just maybe, this time WILL be different.

Sure, I've put myself back in the same scenario, but that doesn't mean I can't change my actions (and thought process) to actually achieve different results. I made excuses in the past, when I could have tried harder and trained smarter.

This time I will stick to a plan no matter how hard it may be to juggle life on the road and running.
I will incorporate speed work.
I will stretch.
I will rest when needed.
I will strength train, and most importantly...
I will BELIEVE in myself.
The fire inside is just getting stoked, now the hard work is making sure that it keeps burning until October.

[End random word vomit. Cue standard weekly mileage post from weeks 4 & 5...]


Foreground: Alpine Forget-Me-Not

Breckinridge Peak on the right 
Looking back at Flora on the left

Monday, June 26 - 8 Mile [Trail] Run reuniting with my girl Flora + Breck. Also, reunited with my good friend gravity on the return trip. Meaning, I took a HARD spill on the run back. Unfortunately, my shoulder took the worst of it and slammed/skidded directly into a boulder. I had a hard time raising my arm over my head for a solid week, but as I laid there and realized it wasn't dislocated and was all good, I ran back to the van and still got home in time for Casey to head to the golf course. || Winter Park, CO

Looking back on Colorado Mines Peak
Casey's IG Story of his Golf Bike at Pole Creek 
Perks of being at home: Casey's homemade guacamole! 

Tuesday, June 27 - Took it easy after Monday's fall, and went for a 3.5 mile walk instead. || Winter Park, CO

State flower: Colorado Blue Columbine

Wednesday, June 28 - 7 Mile Hike with Casey to Lunch Rock to eat our packed PB & Js and to soak in the views. || 5 Mile Run on the Fraser River Trail afterward || Deno's for dinner + 1 glass of Sauv Blanc. I usually never drink white wine, but an ice cold glass has been hitting the spot occasionally this summer. || Winter Park, CO

Parsenn Bowl (Top of Panoramic Express)

Thursday, June 29 - 6 Mile Run || Attended our first (and probably only) High Note Thursday of the summer. || Winter Park, CO

Friday, June 30 - 7 Mile [Trail] Run with Abbie + Jennie to Stanley Mountain. I wish I could run with these girls every day! || Drove to Denver to do some work and load in for our weekend event. || BOOKED OUR END OF THE YEAR TRIP TO AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND!! || Winter Park + Denver, CO

Saturday, July 1 - Worked Cherry Creek Arts Festival (12-hr day) || Denver, CO

Sunday, July 2 -  Worked Cherry Creek Arts Festival (12-hr day) || Denver, CO


26 Miles Running/Trail Running
10.5 Miles Walking/Hiking
(36 Miles Total)
1 Spill 
About 5,500-6,000 ft. Vertical Gain
1st High Note Thursday of the Year (for us)
1 Dream Come True (finally pulling the trigger on New Zealand)


Monday, July 3 - Worked Cherry Creek Arts Festival (12-hr day) || Denver, CO

Tuesday, July 4 - Drove from Lakewood, CO to Arlington Heights, IL (about 15 hrs, and a little over 1,000 miles) || States: CO, NE, IA, IL

Wednesday, July 5 - 4 Mile Run with my friend Lisa who was so gracious to wake up early the day after the Fourth of July just so we could catch up and get a run in together. Lisa is also training for the Chicago Marathon, so she's provided some extra motivation on days where I'm struggling to get out the door. || After breakfast + coffee + finally getting to see Casey's parents (we got in late the night before), I added another 6 Mile Run while Casey's mom went for a walk and to run errands while Case golfed 9-holes with his dad. || Later that evening we had dinner with Casey's family, and got to reunite with his grandma, TJ (his younger brother), Erica and Ogden the pup. Chicago was originally supposed to be our next market, and where we'd get to spend our free time for 2.5 weeks with Casey's family, but unfortunately our client nixed Chicago for Pittsburgh. Despite the schedule change being a bummer, we are so grateful we got to see and spend this day with Casey's family. || Arlington Heights, IL

Elk used to roam a large portion of our country prior to European Settlement, but the herd that's preserved in Elk Grove Village (Busse Woods) was originally brought by train from Yellowstone National Park in 1925 and has proved to be a tourist attraction (and piece of town pride) ever since. 

There is so much beauty in our country!

Thursday, July 6 - We enjoyed the morning with Casey's parents and then it was time to hit the road and finish the drive to Pittsburgh (almost 8 hours, 500 miles). || 3 Mile [SLOW] Run on the hotel dreadmill after just killing a Chipotle burrito bowl (I'll never learn) + strength training (arms, 60 weighted squats, 30-40 weighted bridges) || States: IL, IN, OH, PA

Friday, July 7 - 10 Mile Run (this was not pretty) + picked up our product for this market || Pittsburgh, PA

Saturday, July 8 - 5 Mile Run before work (saw a Momma Deer and her fawn Bambi!) + had Pitt staple Primanti Bros for dinner after work. || Pittsburgh, PA

Sunday, July 9 - 12 Mile [Unicorn] Run on an unexpected day off || It's also my big bro's Birthday Eve! || Pittsburgh, PA


40 Miles Running
3 Time Zones
7 States (CO, NE, IA, IL, IN, OH, PA)
1x Strength Session
Back at SEA LEVEL! 

Side notes:
-I've been dealing with a tight right hip this week which I attribute to sitting for extended periods of time on our long drives this week (my hips are not fans of long drive days).
-We're back at sea level! I may pay property taxes at 9,000 ft. but I "live"/work at sea level for the majority of the year, so it feels good to be able to breathe again.
-I'm proud of the miles put in this past week, and hope to report a similar mileage count (35-40 miles)  next week.

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