Weekly Mileage: 6/19-6/25


Our local river ebbs and flows. During the spring run off it overflows and its force doubles, but within a couple weeks the level decreases and its back to its steady pace. Apparently my marathon training and tour schedule are following the river's lead - one week its running on all cylinders, the next it's all gassed out. No doubt the next 15 weeks will be a journey of ebbs and flows, but this past week was especially frustrating (yet still ruled because any time I'm at home life is SO DAMN GOOD). 

I'll save you the boring minutiae, but basically we were on standby for work the first half of the week and we had a couple 12-hour work days which require a balance between running + standing on your feet/manual labor for that long. Let me be clear, I LOVE MY JOB, but as mentioned it's like riding a teeter totter with me on one end, marathon training/work on the other, and sometimes those two outweigh me. 

Bottom line, I didn't reach my goal for the week (hitting 43-45 miles), but that's OKAY. Just like the river, I'll be back in full force again someday (i.e. next week ;). Plus, I still had another kick ass week at home, got a little strength training in, and worked some great events in the Denver Metro.

Next week: We know our schedule! We have way more off days than we should(!) and we will be spending them at home(!), and I should have no problem hitting 45-50 miles (cue all the exclamation points). So, I'm going to chalk up this past week as a relaxing, and albeit amazing "cut back" week and move on...

My heart in one photo.

Monday, June 19 - Rest Day || Went for a short 2-3 mile walk with Casey before he Surfed the Earth at Grand Elk while I took a rest day to do laundry, pay bills, and relax before we met up with our new friends Jess and Steve at Hideaway Park Brewery to catch up. || Winter Park, CO

Tuesday, June 20 - 6 mile run (flat trails + pavement @ 9,000 ft.) || My best friend's 31st birthday! Happy Birthday, Amie! || WP + Denver + WP, CO

Wednesday, June 21 - 5-6 mile walk/hike with Casey || unloaded 410 cases of glass soda by hand into our work storage unit (that's gotta count for some kind of strength training, right? ;) || 3 mile treadmill run when we got back to Winter Park + strength training (arms, core and squats) || WP + Denver + WP, CO

Refusing to grow up doesn't mean you're immature.
It means you choose to LIVE and never forget how to PLAY. 

Thursday, June 22 - 5-mile run (pavement @ 9,000 ft.) || My niece turns 7 months! || 12+ hr. day in Denver setting up, working, breaking down at an awesome event called Top Taco (we'll definitely have to attend this one for fun in the future). We also drove back home after the event ended + load out (11:30 p.m.) and got in around 1 a.m./in bed by 1:30 a.m. || WP + Denver + WP, CO

Friday, June 23 - 7.5 mile hike/2,000+ ft. of vert. (on four hours of sleep = ALWAYS WORTH IT) with Jess + Kristen tagging Mines + Flora. I love our job, but at times I do miss having/belonging to a community. Right now I seriously have the best of both worlds as we continue to make new friends and build our community here in Winter Park. I've been on the Divide many times, and at different times of day, and I've never had the pleasure of being above the clouds quite like we had on this morning. It was absolutely breathtaking and I'm still daydreaming about that endless sea of white. || Drove to Denver/Set up for our weekend event in Arvada || 3.75 mi treadmill run + arms/squats. || WP + Denver, CO

Into the clouds

This mountain never gets old.
My go-to girl, Mount Flora. 

Breck Peak in the distance. 

I love these big-rooted spring beauties. 

Fortunate to have met these two badass gals. 

Saturday, June 24- Rest || 12-hour work day at a super cute family festival in Arvada, CO || Lakewood/Arvada, CO

Sunday, June 25 - Rest || Last day at Sand in the City + break down/load out, and drove home to WP to close out the weekend with Sunday Night Pizza and a cold brewski by the river. || Lakewood + Arvada + WP, CO


17.75 Miles Running
14.5(ish) Miles Walking/Hiking
(32.25 Miles Total)
2x Strength + 2,000+ ft. of Vert.
Too Many Smiles to Count

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