Weekly Mileage: 6/12-6/18


This week may not have been the best week of training when it comes to mimicking road running conditions, but it was full of surprises, serendipitous moments, and spiritual nirvana. My heart is currently bursting at the seams, and here's why...

Monday, June 12 - Monday morning we caught up with our good friends John and Sherine who are in the same line of work as we are and happened to be in LA. We went to this stellar spot in El Segundo for coffee/breakfast called Blue Butterfly Coffee Co. (highly recommend). Thanks, J&S for such a great start to the day! || Not long afterward we learned that our departure date had been pushed up and we were leaving for Colorado on Wednesday. || 10 mile run from our hotel to Manhattan Beach, down to Redondo and back to MB for a post-run ocean dip + reflection while listening to the waves. || 3 mile run back to the hotel to meet Casey and Andy for one last stop at Kogi before watching the NBA Finals + laundry/packing. || 13 (pavement) miles total || Manhattan Beach, CA

Tuesday, June 13 - Rest Day || Spent the day working at our warehouse getting ready for our departure and worked an event surrounding E3 later that evening. || Said goodbye to Andy on our last night in California and met him for dinner at Taco Beach in Long Beach. || MB + LA + Long Beach, CA

Wednesday, June 14 - Checked out of our hotel and met our sales ambassadors at our warehouse in LA before starting the trek to Colorado. || Drove from MB/LA to Cedar City, UT || 2 mile walk to stretch out the legs || States: CA, NV, AZ, UT

Thursday, June 15 - Rest Day || Drove from Cedar City, UT to Winter Park, CO || States: UT + CO

Friday, June 16 - 3 mile (pavement) run back home at 9,000 ft. (read: huffing and puffing) || We had some work to do in Denver to get ready for our event this weekend, but around 1 p.m. we learned that our event was canceled and that we had the weekend off due to circumstances beyond our (and our marketing company's) control. This was HUGE because it opened up the opportunity to meet up with my brother before he flew out (he just happened to be in town for work) and to adventure with my trail sister, Logan, who happened to be spending the weekend in Winter Park with her boyfriend Cody. Once we made it back home we met Logan and Cody at Hideaway Park Brewery to hatch out a plan for Saturday.

Doesn't get better than this. 

I won't bore you with all the details, but so many things happened in order for Casey and I to see my brother and for the opportunity to adventure/stay at home in Winter Park. The stars seriously aligned to make the most magical day/weekend possible, and I am beyond grateful! || WP + Denver, CO

Saturday, June 17 - 13(ish) trail miles hiking/trail running from Berthoud Pass to the base of Winter Park Resort to Hideaway Park Brewery with Logan, Cody, and Indy the adventure pup. And with that, our #BerthoudtoBrewery west side/half marathon distance was born. This will now create a shorter option to add to our very informal yet original #BerthoudtoBrewery east side/marathon route. || Winter Park, CO

Highest elevation of the day was just over 12,000 ft. 
Follow more of Indy's adventures here

We found this little geyser coming out of the mountain and couldn't help but take a sip - it was delicious!
(obviously we recommend usually filtering your water, but this was too good to pass up)

home sweet home

Thanks Logan + Cody for such a killer day, and a HUGE hug + kiss to my man for always being our #1 supporter and shuttle driver. Love you, Case

Sunday, June 18 - 7.4 trail miles tagging my go-to girl Flora and Colorado Mines to boot (Flora w/Logan + Mines solo). I saw FIVE moose en route to meet Logan at Berthoud Pass. The only thing better than a cup of coffee to start the day. Gotta love our neighbors. || Later in the afternoon I went for another 4 mile trail slog on one of my local trails + river dip + FaceTime with my mom to catch up. || Casey and I capped off an amazing weekend with our favorite pizza while listening to the sweet spring tunes of the Fraser River. || Winter Park, CO

13,132 ft. of pure bliss
Atop Flora looking down at Ethel Lake

CO Mines Peak
A 4-mile slog has never been more beautiful. Feels so good to be HOME.

Where I succeeded: I hit 40 miles on my feet between pavement and trails. I filled my weekend with as much adventure as possible because I am going to miss being at home this summer, AND my happiness barometer went through the roof.

Where I failed: Not all of those miles were spent running (there was a lot of hiking/climbing) which doesn't exactly equate to road miles. Additionally, I did zero core work or strength training in the traditional sense, and I drank far more than usual catching up with friends (side note: totally worth it).

Goals for next week: as of right now (Monday) we're not sure where we're going to be this week or what our schedule looks like, but ideally my goal is to hit between 43-45 miles. As long as we have more time at home, that means those miles will be a mix of road + trails. I also need to get back into the habit of doing core work/stretching after every run.


20 Miles Running
20 Miles Hiking/Trail Running
(40 Miles Total)
5 States (CA, NV, AZ, UT, CO)
4 Hideaway Park Brewery Beers
Endless Smiles 

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