Weekly Mileage: 5/15-6/4 + Goals

*I wrote this last Monday, but didn't publish it until today. So, uh, just pretend like it's last Monday? Cool? Cool.* 

Oh, hey stranger. Sorry I've let a few weeks pass, but alas that is what I call the #tourlife. We've spent the past three weeks transitioning from one tour to the next. In those three weeks, I had a really solid week of training and then fell off the radar for two weeks as we spent our free time with family and friends, and kicked off our most recent tour which has an ever evolving schedule (as in we literally don't know what we're doing/where we're working tomorrow).

It is the lack of routine that I love in this crazy life on the road, but it also tends to conflict with the idea of marathon training and the logic of having a set plan, or routine. It is something I've struggled with balancing in the past and something I definitely need to work on.

And speaking of improvements, today (6/5) marks the official kick off of Chicago Marathon training as most runners begin their 18-week training plans, and I'd like to outline some intentions and goals I have for the next 18 weeks. For some reason this tiny space of the internet makes me feel like I have something (or maybe someone...literally one person) to hold me accountable to my goals. So, if you are reading - THANK YOU.


GOAL #1 
A. Raise $1,000 for the American Cancer Society - check! However, I think I'd like to up this goal to $1,500.
B. Personally thank those that donated with a handmade gift between now and October (still in progress).


Honestly, these three words that all intertwine together are three things I struggle with the most when it comes to running/training while on the road. If I run consistently and put down 35-40+ weekly miles over the next 18-weeks (peaking at 60-65 miles), and stay focused enough to make that happen, then my mindset and confidence will greatly improve and I could care less what time I run if I can accomplish those three things. Being consistent, staying focused, maximizing my free time, and improving my (running) confidence are my top 3 goals from this day until I cross the finish line in Chicago.

Continue strength training (lifting free weights in the hotel fitness center), core work, and stretching. I want my body to be the strongest it has ever been coming into this marathon. Not for time reasons, but instead to protect my knees and body so I can experience many, many, more years of running and skiing beyond this marathon.

A. PR in the marathon. My current PR is from 2013, when I ran a 3:55 at the Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon. That was my first and only sub-4, and having not run a road race since 2014, I'd be elated to just reach 3:55 again...and even more stoked if I could break it.
B. Run a 3:4X marathon. This is my lofty, but not totally unrealistic goal. I think if I work hard enough, this goal could be completely attainable.
C. BQ (3:30-3:32 marathon). This is currently an unrealistic goal based on my current (and past) fitness. I think everyone should dream, but I also think everyone needs to assess and be realistic with themselves so they don't totally overshoot their goals and end up injured, burnt out, or disappointed. With that said, if I can accomplish Goal #2 over the next 18-weeks, and run a half marathon between 1:39-1:41 then this goal may be within reach. Only time will tell, but at this point it remains out of the realm of possibility (based on speed work predictions, and current paces).

Now that I've laid down my intentions, the hard works begins...
And, before I bore you any longer (hello? are you still here? congrats if you've made it this far) here are my "weekly mileage" reports from the past three weeks:

Monday, May 15 - 3 mile (EASY) treadmill run/1.5% incline || 50 weighted squats + bridges || Natick, MA

Tuesday, May 16 - 10 mile treadmill run/1.5% incline || 50 weighted squats + bridges + reverse crunches + plank rows || Natick, MA

Wednesday, May 17 - 6 mile treadmill run/1.5% incline || worked our final event and wrapped up our previous tour || drove to our company's office in Burlington, VT after our event || Natick/Quincy, MA + NH + Burlington, VT

Thursday, May 18 - 6 mile run (outside!) from our hotel to the Burlington Bikeway || This actually marked our first time in Burlington! After 6.5 years on the road, it's not often that we get to experience a new (to us) town or city, so we were really excited! || After dropping off our last tour vehicle and wrapping up training/work lunch for our current tour, we walked back to downtown Burlington and eventually met up with a few of the amazing folks from the office for Skinny Pancake, Foam Brewers, another bar and Manhattan Pizza & Pub. My liver can't hang with 24-year-olds, but they showed us a killer time in B-town and even treated us to the infamous Heady Topper (thanks Paxton, Alana, Tim + team!). If you've never been to Burlington, it's a college town that's a cross between Fort Collins and Asheville, North Carolina - eclectic, beautiful, active and liberal. Everything I love in a town!

Friday, May 19 - Rest/Travel Day || Flew from Burlington to Los Angeles to start our current tour with a layover in Chicago. Once we made it to LAX, we caught a ride to Long Beach to stay and hang with Casey's brother over the weekend (Thanks, Andy!). || Burlington, VT + Chicago, IL + Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, May 20 - 10 mile run outside in Long Beach, CA cruising from Andy's place to the ocean front bike path. Hit up Rainbow Juices + Starbucks afterwards to replenish with all the liquids after Friday's fun. Afterward, we all went for a walk and then headed to the Strand Brewing for one quick beer before watching the Ducks vs. Trojans baseball game. USC has a gorgeous campus, but the game was lacking in entertainment as both teams were crankin' it, while each team's defense took the night off. || Long Beach + LA, CA

Sunday, May 21 - 4 mile run outdoors in Long Beach, CA || 5-6 mile hike with Casey and Andy to the Parker Mesa Overlook via the Paseo Miramar Trail followed by açaí bowls from The Hive. || Long Beach + Santa Monica/Malibu, CA


1 Rest Day 
2 Flights 
39 Miles Running (44-45 Miles including our hike)
5 States (MA, NH, VT, IL, CA)
1st Time in Burlington, VT 
4 Time Zones - East Coast to West Coast
2X Strength Training

Monday, May 22 - Rest || Drove from Andy's (Casey's brother) to our hotel in Manhattan Beach, CA. || Work Stuff at our storage unit in LA || Long Beach/Manhattan Beach, CA

Tuesday, May 23 - Rest || Went to dinner + ice cream with Casey's brother in Redondo Beach. || Long Beach/Manhattan Beach, CA

Wednesday, May 24 - Rest || Drove from Manhattan Beach to LA/Santa Monica where our storage unit is and loaded up our work van with all of our product and assets. || Drove to Monterey to drop off product and then on to Hayward, CA. || Manhattan Beach/LA/Monterey/Hayward, CA

Stopped at Garlic World on our drive to Monterey. Didn't buy any garlic, but did kill a basket of cherries. 

Thursday, May 25 - Rest || Product pick up for work in Hayward, CA, drove back to Monterey, set up our event site at Cali Roots, checked into our hotel, and hit up Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. to purchase supplies for our new tour. || Hayward/Monterey, CA

Friday, May 26-Sunday, May 28 - Rest || Worked Cali Roots Friday-Sunday meeting some lovely people and listening to some great music in the process while spending about 40 hours (at least) on our feet over the course of three days.


7 Rest Days 
6 Work Days 
0 Miles 
SoCal + NorCal 

Monday, May 29 - Rest || Broke down our event site and loaded out of Cali Roots || Drove straight from Monterey to San Diego to see Casey's parents who happened to be visiting Andy and celebrating their 40th(!) wedding anniversary. || We also had too much fun celebrating with them that night as Casey's dad capped off the evening at Werewolf with a karaoke rendition of Brown Eyed Girl. || Monterey/San Diego, CA

Tuesday, May 30 - 5-6 mile hike at Torrey Pines State Reserve with Casey (one of our favorite places) || finally made it to the original Dark Horse in the morning for a coffee date || lunch and goodbyes with Casey's parents and brother at Torrey Pines golf course (his dad + brother golfed) || Cubs vs. Padres at Petco Park (also one of our favorite ballparks) || Coffee date + hike with my love + baseball game=IDEAL day in my book just wish we could have hung on to Casey's family a little longer. || San Diego, CA

Wednesday, May 31 - Rest || Drove from San Diego back to Los Angeles to run work errands + do more work at our storage facility. || San Diego/Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, June 1 - 6 (terrible) miles filled with stomach fits that started at mile 3 and eventually cut my run short || Made myself feel better by meeting Casey and at one of our fave MB spots for an açaí bowl. || Manhattan Beach, CA

Friday, June 2 - Rest || Found out last minute we'd be working an event in San Diego, so headed back to our storage unit to load up on more product and drove back to America's Finest. || Best part of Friday: reuniting with Sal at Salazar's. So thankful that a Cupcake Vineyards wine tour brought us all together in 2014 because we made a life long friend in this guy right here. || Manhattan Beach/LA/San Diego, CA

Saturday, June 3-Sunday, June 4 - Worked the San Diego County Fair || This is one of the most well organized events we have ever worked (and we've worked a lot of events over the years) and happens to be the biggest County Fair in the U.S. and 5th largest in North America (fun fact). || Spent probably 24 hours on our feet, and capped off Sunday night at our favorite Pizza Port location in Solana Beach || San Diego, CA


6 Miles Running (which were pretty terrible)
5-6 Miles Hiking
6 Rest Days (from running)
2 Mornings at Dark Horse ;) (good coffee matters)
1 Cubs Loss Witnessed (Dodgers + Padres swept the Cubs)
Monterey to San Diego to LA to San Diego

Goals for this week: hit 39-41 miles for the week no matter what our schedule looks like + 2x strength training.

Have a great week, everyone!

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