Weekly Mileage: 5/8-5/14

Right on Hereford. Left on Boylston.
(the famous final directions of the Boston Marathon)

There are people that love running on the treadmill, and there are those that loathe it. I fall into the latter category. I love running because it has always allowed me to escape outdoors and to explore on my own two feet. I do not love running on a conveyor belt of monotony, nor attempting to control my speed, gait, or cadence with a few buttons.

Therefore, this week when my only option was to run on the dreadmill I skipped any sort of speed work and let it get into my head a little too much before finally convincing myself to get my shit together and get it done. I reminded myself that I am lucky to have the option to run on a dreadmill which is better than having no options at all, and that I better get used to it because there are a lot of times where we'll be staying in hotels that do not have sidewalks or paths nearby to run on. I've run on dreadmills many times while touring, I just have work on rekindling that relationship, and keeping it consistent.

You'll see this mental ping pong (hate the treadmill, love the treadmill) play out in my weekly mileage...

Monday, May 8 - 4 mile run/1.5% incline (treadmill) + 100 crunches || Warwick/Providence, RI

Tuesday, May 9 - event + drove to Natick/Boston, MA. || 50 weighted lunges each side (10 lbs. in each hand/100 lunges total) + 20 squats || I'm always reminded after doing these lunges just how weak my quads are because it's hard to sit down the next day. Ha. || Warwick/Providence, RI + Natick, MA

Wednesday, May 10 - Rest || Natick, MA

Thursday, May 11 - Rest || Natick, MA

Friday, May 12 - 8 mile run/1.5% incline (treadmill) || Natick, MA

Saturday, May 13 - 8 mile run/1.5% incline (treadmill) || This run was ugly. || Afterward, we took the train from Natick to Boston to explore and enjoy our day off. We tried to count, but I think this is our sixth time in Beantown? All for work, never for the marathon (le sigh, someday). We walked around Fenway, did some window shopping on Newbury, and eventually reunited with one of our Boston favorites, Harpoon Brewery (tip: always skip Sam Adams - we avoided it the first four trips and finally visited the last time we were here for Casey's birthday [fall 2016], and personally we don't think it's worthy of your Boston to-do list).

After enjoying a couple seasonals (Citra Sea/Camp Wannamango) and a go-to (Take 5), we walked to Trillium but didn't think to look at what time they closed, and were surprised to find the doors locked just after 6 p.m. It looks awesome, and we're definitely saving this one for the next trip. We topped off the night with tortas at Tenoch Mexican and caught a ride back to our hotel in Natick, MA. || Boston/Natick, MA

Camp Wannamango is super refreshing, but a little too fruity for my taste (meaning there's no way I could have more than one). On the other hand, Citra Sea was my jam - crisp, downright delicious and a perfect summer beer. 

Sunday, May 14 - Mother's Day! || 6 mile run before dinner/1% incline due to tight calves (treadmill) || break for some din + digesting || 6 mile run after/1% incline (treadmill) || 12 miles total || Natick, MA

Special shout out to my amazing mother! I didn't get to spend her special day with her, but luckily she's worth celebrating EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year, and no doubt we'll celebrate on our next adventure together. Luckily, my aunt/her sister is currently in town and they watched the Cards beat the Cubs on Saturday (and eventually went on to win the series on Sunday!) and have enjoyed spending time together, bouncing around garage sales, and enjoying all the activities they love to do together. :)

In all seriousness though, I have the BEST mom and I'm so lucky to call her mine. I'm thankful she set an example that women can be feminine and selfless, yet incredibly strong, fearless and fiercely independent. I also love that she has taught us to always hang on to that childlike spirit - get dirty, try new things, dream big, hang on to hope, have fun, and never stop smiling.

How she managed to lose her spouse to cancer, raise two teenagers through puberty, driver licenses, college, cross country moves, break ups/separations, and major surgery/fighting cancer herself, etc. is beyond me. There will never be enough words to describe how much she means to me. She is truly a remarkable human being, and I can only hope I can go through life's challenges with a positive attitude + a smile on my face like she always has.

I love you, Mom!


3 Rest Days (the day I only did lunges/squats was pretty much a rest day)
32 Miles Running
100 Lunges (50 each side)
2 States 
4 Events 
1 Shoe: Altra Intuition 
*all runs have remained in the comfort/easy zone of 9-9:30 min/miles. 

Where I succeeded this week: despite a slow start, I rallied to hit my goal of 30+ miles.

Where I failed: I did not incorporate speed work, struggled mentally to embrace the treadmill at the beginning of the week, and did not finish the scarfs I had hoped to.

Next week's goals: 35-39 miles. Core work + strength training x 2. Read + crochet more. Speed work is still TBD. Ideally I'd like to do speed work outdoors so I don't face plant on the treadmill, but I need to limit my excuses and run sprints in the hotel parking lot if I have to. Luckily, Chicago Marathon training doesn't really kick off until June, so there's no need to rush it, but if I want to PR or have a solid race then I'll have to incorporate it sooner rather than later.

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