Weekly Mileage: 4/10-4/16

A sweet painting in one of our Indianapolis hotels.
Artist: Katherine Rohrbacher

Hope everyone had an amazing Easter! Casey and I wrapped up our 5.5 week tour in Indiana, and after shipping the remainder of our tour assets tomorrow morning, we'll head West for separate family excursions before returning to the road for work once again (yes, we travel for fun when we're not traveling for work. No, we do not get sick of it). 

After dealing with an inflamed knee last week, this week I did everything I could to address the issue and it paid off. Bad knees run in my family, but instead of saying "Oh, I have bad knees...I can't," - I try to target the problem, strategize how to make it better, and work to prevent it. 

For example, this week I focused on: 
  • lower body exercises with weights (squats/lunges/bridges/cycling) at least 2x to continue to build the muscles supporting my knees (+ after trail running the past two years my calves these days nearly dwarf my quads)
  • getting OFF the treadmill. I am grateful for the dreadmill machine, but we tend to have a tumultuous relationship that often ends with a bad knee break up. Luckily, Indiana ushered in the nicest week we've had during our stint here and our hotel was located near a popular (asphalt) rail trail to get outdoors. 
  • constant stretching to make sure those tight IT bands/hips stay relatively loose 
  • icing my knee after almost every run
  • keeping my runs slow and easy. It will be another 2 weeks before I attempt start sprinkling in tempo runs and speed work. 

The approach worked, and my knee felt MUCH BETTER this week. As I continue to develop a base to start training on, my runs will continue to stay in the easy zone of 9:00-9:40 min. avg./mile. This is the pace that I can go months without running and return to and feel like I can run forever. I ditched my watch a few years ago and have since brought it back to track my mileage, but I never look at it while I'm running other than to check the time or distance, and go completely by feel

Spring in Indiana
Flowers & My Fave

Your easy pace should be a pace that is natural, that allows you to have a conversation, that doesn't cause you to huff and puff, and doesn't exert an obscene amount of energy. Right now it's important to keep that pace in my runs, so I can build my mileage up without running into serious injury, and so I can lay a solid foundation to build upon. 

The next two weeks involve some aggressive travel, and a lot of adventure, but I'll be aiming to stay in the 20-30 mile range again so I do not increase my mileage too quickly (read: prevent injury). This will be a bit challenging as I won't have access to a bike or weights, so I'll want to explore everything by foot. Luckily, I'll be hitting a lot of trails. So, if I do go over on mileage it will be on low impact surfaces at an extremely comfortable pace. 

Monon Rail Trail 

If you're curious about where we're heading, or want to tag along on our travels you can follow Casey and I on Instagram where we update more often. Otherwise, here are my training stats for April 10-16: 

Monday, April 10 - Lower body exercises including 50 lunges (per leg while holding 10 lb. weights) + 50 squats (also holding 10 lb. weights) + 50 bench bridges with a 20 lb. weight resting on my hips || 1 hour on the hotel bike || Also, added arms + some minimal core work (1 min. plank x 3 + 30 reverse crunches on the bench) || Indianapolis, IN

Tuesday, April 11 - 3.5 Mile Walk with Casey on the Monon Trail + 3 Mile Run + 1.5-2 Mile Walk back with Casey || Indianapolis, IN

Wednesday, April 12 - 7 Mile Run // Monon Trail || 30 minutes stretching || Indianapolis, IN

Thursday, April 13 - 6.45 Mile Run // Monon Trail || stretching || Indianapolis, IN 

Friday, April 14 - 6.49 Mile Run in the pouring rain and it felt amazing! // Monon Trail || stretching || Indianapolis, IN

Saturday, April 15 - Rest || Indianapolis, IN

Sunday, April 16 - 50 weighted lunges (per leg) + 30 squats (w/10 lb. weights)  + 50 bench bridges with 20 lb. weight + 30 minutes on the hotel bike while catching up with my mom || Indianapolis, IN

*As mentioned, event days that require physical efforts are not accounted for in this recap.


1 Rest Day
5 Miles Walking
22 Miles Running
1.5 Hrs. Cycling
3-4x Stretching (and random stretching throughout the days)
2x Lower Body Exercises

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