Ever since I struck gold at the cake walk in kindergarten by stepping on the number six, it's been my lucky number. I took home multiple goodies that day, the sweets I soon forgot, but that lucky number never left me.

It's been awhile since I tapped into this space. I think I can count on one hand how many blog posts I wrote last year, but it's 2016 and I'm feelin' lucky. In six days we'll start our sixth year on the road and I hope to document our adventures (or at least rehash some of last year's) a little better.

But first, I'd like to catch up and recap some significant events from 2015:

  • Casey and I purchased our first home (in our favorite place) in January. 
  • I ran my first 50K (Zion) and followed it up with two more! 
  • We squeezed in an international trip to Mexico to celebrate my childhood/lifelong friend tying the knot with the woman of his dreams!
  • We wrapped our fifth year on the road together, traveling for 310 consecutive days for work, through 37 states, 2 countries, 27, 330 road miles and finally crossed off three states that have eluded us: Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire. 
  • My brother moved to Arizona (which is closer to Colorado than Florida). 
  • We bought a car! 
  • After rockin' specs since kindergarten and contacts + glasses since middle school, I gave into Casey's pestering, saved throughout the year and pulled the trigger on LASIK (he had it done in 2011). As usual, he was right. The procedure literally changed my life and gave me the gift of sight. Modern science is truly incredible. 
  • After wrapping our fifth year on the road, we decided to celebrate and fulfill a dream of ours to be ski bums for a couple months and really enjoy our new home. 
You could say that 2015 was the year of investment (or the year of the empty wallet), but 2016 has the current makings of fortuitous adventure, growth and potentially new beginnings. With 2015's investments, we have set ourselves up to possibly leave the road if an opportunity that we can't pass up arises. We also can't imagine our life without travel. The past five years we've known exactly what we have wanted to do, and this year it's pretty exciting to step into a world of the unknown. 

And speaking of 2016 and that lucky little digit, this year is already off to an unbelievable start: 
  • As mentioned, we've actually taken the time to enjoy our new home. To even utter the word, "home," and understand that feeling of what it's like to actually have one (after not owning/renting anywhere but hotels for the past five years). It may sound silly, but it had become a foreign concept to us. Unfortunately, owning a home also comes with the feeling of missing it.
  • We've been skiing our little hearts out! 
  • I met Scott Jurek! A big deal to me as he heavily influenced my decision to become a vegetarian in 2013. 
  • Casey's family and older brother visited us and we snowshoed, bowled, skied, went tubing, cheered on the Blackhawks and laughed a lot. 
  • We signed a contract for a short tour we're pretty stoked about with some amazing folks we've worked for in the past. 
  • I turned 30 (whoa) and welcomed in a new decade of life. 
  • We celebrated the #Fat30 (my 30th fell on Fat Tuesday) in Steamboat Springs skiing, hot springing and vino drinking. Casey made me feel like the luckiest gal in the world and it was truly a magical day. It was our first trip to Steamboat and it surely won't be our last. 

  • I participated in our local snowshoe race and took home second place! 
  • I scored tickets to the Lumineers at Red Rocks in June! I've been waiting for this since they joined us and performed during our Yahoo! on the Road Tour in 2013. 
  • My mom also visited us and I took her on a hike to one of my favorite spots, she snowshoed for the first time, sat shotgun on a snowcat so I could finally share the views we love so much, and then dragged her on a road trip with us to Arches National Park where she hiked to Delicate Arch (a strenuous hike for anyone let alone my 64-year-old mother) and then reunited with my brother in Page, AZ where...

  • I ran my first 50-miler! I'm surprised my heart didn't explode. I've never felt so loved and so fortunate thanks to the support from my family, Casey and my friends. But more on that at a later date...

  • We reunited with old friends and have continued to make new ones. Friends are precious and we're lucky to have them spread out all over this beautiful country, but it has felt especially good to actually plan things WITH friends and see them more often than not. 

And, that's where we're currently at. We don't know what the rest of this year will hold or even what it may remotely look like...

I'm pretty sure it won't be a cake walk by any means, but it could be as lucky and life-changing as one and we hope you'll follow along.

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