It's been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it.

Hello, 2014!
Ringing in the New Year from Winter Park, Colorado. 

Well, 2014's end of the year Facebook trend couldn't quite capture our life on the road because I didn't really upload that many photos. And we all know if it's not posted on social media, it didn't happen (gosh, that's so true obnoxious). So cue the photo dump and cheesy reflections on another incredible year:



We spent NYE and the first half of January in Winter Park, Colorado.
White out! 

On our way home we reunited with our friends in Denver!
Good times are always had with these folks.
We were supposed to drive this iconic Oikos vehicle from St. Louis to New Jersey for the Super Bowl.
Unfortunately, we only made it to Ohio where it broke down on us and had to be towed. Ha!
We drove back to St. Louis with a lunch stop in Indy. 


In February, I ran my first trail race and a new love was born. We also celebrated my birthday in San Diego for the second year in a row with back-to-back half marathons after an injury left me sidelined for the majority of 2013. The icing on the birthday cake? Casey surprised me with the gift of paragliding at Torrey Pines (I'm a very lucky lady). One of the few air adventures I had yet to discover! And from San Diego, we flew to Atlanta for the start of a 1-month tour with one of our favorite firms (Havas Impact) representing Birds Eye frozen vegetables. We actually drove back to San Diego to kick off the tour then to Atlanta and from there we drove to D.C. and back to Atlanta again. While in D.C. we worked an event featuring First Lady Michelle Obama as the guest speaker. And of course, we picked up many new favorite restaurants and beers along the way...
My first trail race - The Nippy Niner in St. Louis! 
Half marathon #1 of 2 - my last 13.1 as a 27-year-old.
Mermaid Series Half Marathon 
Half marathon #2 of 2 to celebrate the big 2-8 in America's Finest.
San Dieguito Half Marathon
Best birthday gift ever! 
Thanks again for the great surprise, babe! 
Back in San Diego for work this time.
We stopped in Flagstaff en route from San Diego to Atlanta. 

Thanks for the D.C. recommendations, Emily!
A blurry picture is what we get for falling into the #selfie pit.
At the White House.
If you're ever in D.C. you have to eat at Founding Farmers.
You're welcome. ;)
A pit stop on the drive from D.C. to Atlanta 


During our stint with Birds Eye, we found out we got a tour we were long pursuing - the Cupcake Truck Tour. We spent 8.5 months from late March to the end of November offering complimentary wine tastings at events throughout the West Coast while educating consumers on Cupcake Vineyards' wine. That sounds a little stuffy, so let me break it down for you - we spent the majority of the year slinging free wine to the masses, with our new friend Sal, in our favorite region of the United States. We had six trips to Vegas, our families visited us in Colorado (Fort Collins + Denver + Winter Park), California (Los Angeles + San Diego), Las Vegas and South Dakota. We celebrated Casey's 30th in LA and San Diego, we were practically residents of California, I crossed a finish line fourteen times in various states and our territory ranged from Arizona up to Washington and as far east as South Dakota and Nebraska (sorry, Sal). It was by far the best tour we have ever done due to the experiences we had as a team, the region we were in and the brand. Half the battle in experiential marketing is getting consumers to like your product. Everyone loves free alcohol Cupcake Vineyards' wine so it made our jobs that much easier and we could actually educate people more so on the brand itself. Like for example, did you know Cupcake's primary wine maker is a female? Pretty rad, right? 

Which made the decision in November that much harder when we decided not to renew with Cupcake Vineyards and to walk away to accept another opportunity with a company (not through a marketing firm but working directly for a client) in 2015. This company (which we will soon announce) not only pursued us, but they flew us to Atlanta for their holiday party to meet everyone before we start in February. How cool is that? 

I'll get more into December further down, but for now enjoy a few highlights (mostly outside of work) from our very memorable year on the West Coast with Cupcake Vineyards: 

Cupcake training in Georgia!
Cupcake is based in Livermore, California but the experiential marketing firm
we were working for is based in Smyrna, GA. 

Later on, Casey also enjoyed a round of golf at ASU.
I love to visit/revisit local running stores during our travels, and I checked off about 15-20 stores this year.
If you can, shop local!
Fleet Feet Sports in Tucson, AZ.  
Celebrating March Madness with a local brew  on Mill Ave.
Tempe, AZ. 
Royals vs. Padres with Sal and Case!
The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA. 
San Fran.
We knocked off our 19th ballpark together (Casey's 20th) and we've now officially covered all the
 MLB stadiums on the West Coast. 

Capitola Half Marathon.
Santa Cruz, CA
The coolest running store you'll ever visit.
Zombie Runner is a running store and a coffee shop in one.
Palo Alto, CA
Walking around Stanford's campus and marveling at Lauren Fleshman's records.

Zombie Runner Half Marathon
San Francisco, CA

Having too much fun with our friends Amy and Clint in Sacramento, CA.
Oxnard and Santa Barbara, CA. 
Oxnard, CA

Santa Barbara Running Co.
A place where you should drink in Santa Barbara...
Figueroa Mountain
Ojai, CA 
Hiking with Casey and my best friend Amie at Mt. Charleston.
Outskirts of Las Vegas, NV.
Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan.
Vegas enablers.
Let me tell you 'bout my best friend...
Container Park || Downtown Las Vegas
A place you should go in downtown LV - Gold Spike.
Side note: I wouldn't recommend that beer .
Fun fact: An episode of Pawn Stars was filmed here.
Cox fam comes to visit!
June in Winter Park, Colorado.  
Fraser River Trail
My mom absolutely slayed all three of us in a game of bowling.
She embarrassed us all by getting her first turkey and putting down a score of 161!
I'm going to blame it on the altitude. ;)
The Foundry || Winter Park, CO
Taste of Fort Collins.
I can't explain how much I love this town. We had such a blast with friends and family
after our events.
A must visit: Social
Horsetooth Reservoir || Larimer County, CO
I met my running idol, Olympian and current Oiselle elite athlete Kara Goucher!
And I made some new friends too!
Pictured: Laura and Remy with their sweet tots
Boulder Running Co. || Boulder, CO
We worked an event on this insanely beautiful and very remote ranch about forty minutes outside of Aspen, CO.
We literally took dirt roads, had no cell service and started to wonder if we had the right address on the way there.
A magical place that we were lucky enough to call "work" for a day. 
Just another day at the office...
Maroon Bells!
Aspen, CO

BBQ and Vegan=dream come true.
MFT || Boise, ID
John Wayne Pioneer Trail
Seattle, WA
We also visited my half sister and her adorable kids, Ella and Oliver, during our stay.

Casey's parents visited us in LA during the Fourth of July weekend.
I golfed for the very first time (it wasn't pretty and I should probably just stick to running) and we celebrated the fourth with America's favorite pastime...
The happiest place on earth.
Casey and his parents (all afraid of heights) even rode the Tower of Terror.
I was shocked, but it was so awesome to see them conquer their fears and have a blast!
A memory that I will definitely never forget.
Anaheim, CA
He's definitely a record catch. ;)
I flew from our event in Sacramento to Seattle to run the Tunnel Marathon (which I bonked) and flew directly back to finish out our event in less than 24 hours.
Track Town, USA || Eugene, OR
Falling Sky Brewery. Where it's $.25 cents off every pint when it rains.
Eugene, OR
Hillsboro Hops || Ron Tonkin Field || Outside of Portland, OR
My first affogato: homemade coconut ice cream topped with espresso.
Heart Roasters || Portland, OR
Back to Seattle for the Bite of Seattle.

I finally got to announce that I made the Oiselle Volée Team
We finally made it to Bend! A city that has escaped us for years...
Deschutes Brewery Tour || Bend, OR
And, South Lake Tahoe! 

Our view of the 9th hole while working the Reno-Tahoe Open 

To the land where no tour has sent us before...
South Dakota!

Mt. Rushmore || Keystone, SD
My family visited us again, this time in Rapid City, South Dakota.
 Many memorables nights were had at Independent Ale House, Murphy's and Dublin's.
Memories I will cherish (and mostly laugh at) for a long time to come.
We celebrated Casey's 30th in LA!
Birthday festivities included Angel City Brewery in LA and a Dodgers game.
One of those samplers contains the Avocado Ale - something I've never come across before in California or during our travels.
It wasn't bad.
And Casey's brother flew in from Chicago and surprised him!
Not long after, Andy was offered and accepted a transfer to LA!
We topped off Casey's birthday weekend with a day trip to San Diego.
Part of his present was to golf with his brother and Andy had never been to America's Finest before.
Torrey Pines.

The best food truck in LA - still drooling over these tacos.
Kogi BBQ
Side note: In August, I celebrated 1-year meat-free! 
We made a quick stop in Vegas to meet up with Casey's parents to continue the big 3-0 celebration.
They surprised Case with 30 cards from 30 family members/friends for his 30th. Such a thoughtful idea!
We also saw the show Absinthe - which we highly recommend as long as you're not easily offended. It's HILARIOUS.
Riding the High Roller with Casey's mom. 
I hiked my first 14er with two great friends!
Definitely one of my favorite experiences from 2014.

Denver Trail Half Marathon
East-West Regional Trail || Lone Tree, CO.
Hanging Lake || Glenwood Springs, CO

More Colorado fun featuring Denver Food & Wine, celebrating Farley's birthday, Shoes & Brews in Longmont, CO and more photos from the 14er and Hanging Lake. 
Hanging Lake
Pismo Beach
Mom visits San Diego for the second year in a row!
Raptor Ridge Trail Half Marathon || Escondido, CA
Mom even hiked Torrey Pines.
She was such a champ!
San Diego Zoo's Safari Park
San Francisco
My favorite trail race of 2014 - Angwin to Angwish 24K in Angwin, CA (Napa Valley)

Family dinners together. Something we'll truly miss in 2015.
New Found Glory concert || one of Casey's birthday gifts || Las Vegas, NV
If you don't know Casey, he is deathly afraid of heights.
It was kind of a BIG deal that he rode the High Roller.
So proud of him, and I also promise to never convince him to do it again.
Date night || Las Vegas, NV
Casey and I celebrated six years together!
Time flies when you're having fun.
We started off the day with a 10-mile run together around Mission Bay then later that evening we celebrated at a romantic restaurant that Casey picked out - Piatti.
La Jolla, CA
Hiking + trail running with the bestie || Red Rock Canyon || Las Vegas, NV
Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon
Casey and the Leonardos:
Lisa, myself, Savannah and Amie
Our last event of the tour!
Mountain Mandarin Festival || Auburn, CA
Our last team dinner || Honest Abe's || Lincoln, NE
Thanksgiving in my hometown
Edwardsville Turkey Trot 5K || Edwardsville, IL
*This race also marked 1-year of going watchless during races and on many of my runs.  A blissful year to say the least.*
Double serving of turkey trotting
Schaumburg Turkey Trot Half Marathon || Schaumburg, IL
Note: I am so lucky to have such a supportive boyfriend.
Thanks, Casey for always being there and for putting up with me!
Christkindlmarket || Chicago, IL


After returning from Chicago, it wasn't more than a few days before I was on a plane to Sacramento to run the California International Marathon with my good friend Amy. We ran the whole race together, had fun, stopped multiple times for each other, downed some Guinness near mile 24 and still finished in 4:06. From Sacramento it was back to St. Louis, where just a day or so later Casey scooped me up and we were off to Colorado for a short trip. There we made a legally binding life decision that doesn't involve getting engaged or married (so stop thinking, texting or tweeting me that). If you know me or Casey well enough, you know that's last on our priority list.

Not long after returning from Colorado we were flown to Atlanta for the weekend to enjoy our new company's holiday party and from there I drove my mom and I up to Chicagoland to spend Christmas with Casey's family in the burbs. Tonight, we'll spend NYE together in Southern Illinois getting crazy playing board games with my mom and reflecting on this momentous year.  

Celebrating Clint's 1-year cancerversary! Cancer has nothing on this guy!

12/11/14 will be a day we'll never forget!

Celebrating with our friends Matt and Felise at Great Divide Brewing Co.

The view from our hotel in Atlanta. 

ATL after dark

Amie surprised her parents just before Christmas and we squeezed in a
10 mile run on our hometown trails in the rain. 



-Both of our families had another good year of health. Traveling is fun, but at the end of the day all that matters to us is our families and their health and happiness. 
-Another successful year (10 months) on the road. 
-Seeing so many of our amazing friends across the country. We are very fortunate to lead a lifestyle in which we can visit and reconnect with our friends nationwide. We are so grateful for their friendships and to have created so many new memories with those people in 2014. 
-I may not have had a year full of PRs, but damn it I had 365 days of injury-free running and that means more to me (and my sanity) than anything else. I crossed the finish line in 2014, fourteen times. Completing more races in a single year than I ever have before filled with two marathons, a 24K, nine half marathons, a 9-mile trail race and a 5K. I found a new love for trail running (six of those races were on the trails) that I hope to expand upon in 2015. 
-My favorite memory was finally introducing my brother to our favorite place, Winter Park, after trying to get him out there for nearly five years. This was probably my most cherished memory and photo of the entire year. 

Now that I've talked your ear off (not surprising), there's really nothing left to reflect upon or say other than... it's been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it (thanks, Facebook for stealing our thunder)

No, just kidding. It's definitely been another blessed year for the Cox-Garms families and we're thrilled to see what 2015 has in store. 

Happy New Year, everyone! 


Me: My first 50K, 50-miler and to continue to chase that ever unattainable Boston Qualifier. 
Casey: I would like to golf more on tour.

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