Weekly Mileage: 9/22-9/28

Hermosa Valley Greenbelt

MONDAY 9/22 - 3.75 miles testing out the ankle at the nearby track + Bears on MNF. Since we work weekends, we've been DVR'ing the Bears games, ignoring social media, and watching them after work. So, it was awesome that the Bears were on Monday Night Football so we could actually watch it LIVE!

TUESDAY 9/23 - 7.5 miles on Veteran's Parkway/Hermosa Valley Greenbelt (it tends to go by both names). This wood chip trail is an urban gem. Take a break from city life and enjoy 3.5 miles of pure bliss. Want a longer run? Mix it up with trails and pavement - run oceanside afterward along The Strand (Redondo>Hermosa>Manhattan). Later that evening we went to one of our favorite places in Manhattan Beach, Fish Bar. The food never disappoints, plenty of TVs to watch sports and Taco Tuesday - what's not to love?

WEDNESDAY 9/24 - 5.5 miles and I got my hair done...FINALLY. I went to Evolution Hair Salon in Hermosa Beach and Vantha was so sweet and did such a great job! After 8 months, I finally chopped off about 5" and freshened up my locks. Plus, I picked up this killer mascara that uses adhesive gel and fibers to look like eyelash extensions without actually having extensions that cause damage. Even Casey noticed the difference it makes. It's basically a glorfied mascara that makes your lashes look longer and fuller, yet natural. I love it!

THURSDAY 9/25 - 3.5 miles + 30 minutes on the hotel bike + wine pick up + drive from LA to Pismo Beach, California.

Pismo Beach

FRIDAY 9/26 - Set up for our weekend event in Santa Margarita, California - Sunset: Savor the Central Coast.

We ate at this well-known San Luis Obispo spot - Firestone Grill

SATURDAY 9/27 - Worked Sunset: Savor the Central Coast. This was a beautiful event and a fun one to work.

SUNDAY 9/28 - Worked day two of Savor the Central Coast + event breakdown + 6 miles on the hotel dreadmill + reports/work stuff. I was hoping to get in 12 miles, but after six I started to feel a pain in my left ankle and my foot was tingling/falling asleep (the opposite ankle/foot as the bum ankle...what...the..??)

...I guess this is what happens when you get old...

My view last weekend. Not too shabby.

TOTAL: 26.25 miles + 30 minutes on the hotel bike

Obviously, I have A LOT of work to do. Luckily, I have 4-5 half marathons on the schedule prior to CIM to help hold me accountable in regards to balancing work, travel and the mileage needed for another marathon. I need a good race after two failed marathons. I need it more mentally than I do physically. 

Fortunately, I have some more time off this week before kicking off two family visits. Plus, we're heading down to one of our favorite cities for the next two weeks - San Diego. AND, we're working at the Miramar Air Show which means we're on the hunt for a good pair of aviators. ;)


A lot of miles and memories to look forward to this week...


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