Hitting Reset

Well, it's been a while. In fact, it's been well over a month since I've even thought about touching this blog. To say we've been busy would be an understatement. Since early August, our schedule went from zero to sixty, we've had multiple visits from family members in South Dakota, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, we've celebrated Casey's 30th birthday and we've covered more miles than you can count. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but we're exhausted.

South Dakota

Hotel room birthday decor - a beer-day cake!

Casey's brother surprised him in LA for the big
3-0! Thanks, Andy! 

Casey's birthday celebration continues...
a quick stop in Vegas to meet up with his parents and see the show, Absinthe.
Thank you, T&C! 

CO adventures - follow along in real time on IG:
@jlcox6 or @cagarms

There are so many blogs I've wanted to write re: making the Oiselle Volée Team, adventures in S. Dakota, Colorado, Casey's birthday celebration in California, race recaps, #TourLife - What We Do For A Living, etc. (for a terribly outdated version click here) but the thought of using any ounce of potential "free time" sitting in front of a computer was quickly nixed without an ounce of guilt.

Now, we are back in Southern California and we only have three 2.5 months left on our current tour. In three months, we'll only bounce between three regions: Southern California, Northern California and Las Vegas (yes, I'm considering Sin City a region) which means we'll have less travel (less travel compared to our usual excursions across the country) and more free time. Our schedule is slowly winding down, and now it's time to hit reset after an adventurous, jam-packed, few months.

The CTRL + ALT + DELETE buttons of life have been pressed and it's time to buckle down and reorganize. Here's a few things I will be focusing on...

Training for CIM
I have come to realize that touring and training for a marathon is nearly impossible. But, now that we are going to have much more free time (I say that loosely) it's time to nail the bull's eye and prove myself wrong. I will be squeezing in as many half marathons as I can prior to work events (yes, I run a race, shower and then head off to work - not complaining, I actually thrive off of this) and focusing once again on building more muscle, all while following my curiosity of trail running. Also, being a part of a team makes you want to better yourself and inspire others. It puts a little bit of pressure on your shoulders, and that's exactly what I need right now to motivate myself on the road. As part of the Oiselle Team, I want to be a better, faster and most importantly a much stronger runner. I've had two bonked marathons due to injuries and dehydration overall poor planning - it's time to focus (which is always hard for me to do) and make this training cycle...this race...a good one. This train has fallen off the tracks and it's time to get back on for a smooth ride into my final destination...the California International Marathon.

I have said many times that blogging is pretty much last on my list of priorities. You can probably tell, since I've been pretty terrible at it. Sometimes, I don't even know why I blog - who really cares what I have to say? Plus, I can't stand to waste any time in front of a computer. But, it is nice to have a record of our travels (when I can post them in a timely manner) and a record of my workouts. With that said, I hope to revive my weekly mileage posts starting with Sept. 15-22.

Cross Training | Training | Running in General
Every morning I wake up before Casey. I lie in bed usually for an hour or so because once he hears me stir, he's awake and there's no turning back. Therefore, I never get up early to workout because I feel guilty waking him up. He honestly doesn't care and he's told me he'd be able to fall back asleep, but I can't shake the guilt. We also share a vehicle on tour, and I feel bad if I take it for the day to go running or do something I want to do instead of something we want to do. Well, it's time to get over it. These next three months, I have to be somewhat selfish if I want to obtain the goals I want to achieve. I will be scheduling more races, I will be spending more time outside and I will be setting my alarm for morning workouts (sorry, Case!).

Nutrition - A New Discipline; 31 Days Alcohol Free
In 2013, I was injured for 7 months and shed many unnecessary tears because I couldn't run. I needed a challenge and something to take my mind off of not being able to lace up, so I tried to become a vegetarian for 31 days. After doing a lot of research, this BBQ-lovin' St. Louis gal not only made it 31 days but I extended it to a year. Now over a year later, I am still a vegetarian. It was a hard challenge - one that took a lot of discipline and now I'm ready for a new one. In a era of instant gratification, I think it's important to practice self-discipline/personal growth. To me, it's a practice of making better decisions, connecting with yourself, and remembering that YOU can choose to do whatever you want to do in this life. Our time on Earth is much too short, just remember that it's YOU who decides how you want to spend it and you can make anything happen if YOU put your mind to it (i.e. like quitting your full-time jobs and becoming contractors in order to travel). My next challenge (even harder than giving up meat) is giving up alcohol for 31 days. It sounds silly, but it's going to be really hard. We're social people and when we meet up with friends/family in the various cities we travel to, it's usually over a couple of cold ones or a glass of vino. Plus, we always love to try new craft brews during our travels. But, as mentioned I want to focus on running and this training cycle which is currently of most importance. My body feels ragged from our travels over the past two months and I just want to rid it of toxins and give it a fresh new start. From September 11-October 11, not an ounce of alcohol will be enjoyed. However, I can guarantee you this "discipline" will not last for a year.

Heal Sprained Ankle/Foot 
I sprained my ankle pretty bad on the way down from Mt. Bierstadt in Colorado (my first 14er!). It was kind of a freak accident with loose footing and I heard a pop which brought me to the ground and got my attention. In order to make sure I can accomplish a lot of my goals listed above, I need to make sure this puppy heals and heals quickly. I ran a trail half marathon and hiked Hanging Lake a couple days later which was a stupid decision, but it seems to be just a gnarly sprain. I'm able to put weight on it, it's just still a little swollen/bruised on the top right side of my ankle/foot. Injuries are frustrating to me, and most of the time I pretend like they're not there but this one, I have to be smart about and make sure it heals correctly. A lot of RICE is in my future this week...

For more day hikes like these, check out Aaron's website: Day Hikes Near Denver.

FYI, Hanging Lake is so beautiful...

And, so is the summit of Mt. Bierstadt

Photo cred: Matt_Farley

Post-Tour Travels
As our contract comes to an end, we'll be taking at least 2-3 months off to spend time with families during the holidays and for personal travel. We tossed around the idea of a New Zealand/Australia trip, but a winter wouldn't be complete without some skiing in the Rockies. So, we just need to nail down an international trip and when we're going to be hitting the slopes before airline prices are through the roof and we're forced to choose one or the other. This is on the top of the "To-Do List."

Well, that's all I've got for now. It feels refreshing just to write this, to list my goals (sometimes they're not real until you tell everybody about them) and to be working towards said goals for the latter half of the year. For now, I just have to learn how to stay focused and keep at it.

I have to hit reset.



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