Bum Ankle, Bakersfield, Bad Tattoos and Badass Women

Me - 1; bum ankle: 0.
Denver Trail Half - just three days after hearing a pop in the old ankle.
Not a smart idea.


So, I know I mentioned that I was going to revive my weekly mileage posts starting with the week of September 15-22, but the bum ankle/foot kept me off of it for one more week. I wanted to give it a little more time so once I finally started my CIM training cycle this week, I'd be in it for the long haul and wouldn't necessarily have to worry about this bad boy flaring up again. As of Monday, it's feeling a lot better especially when it's all wrapped up nice and tight in my shoe. I tested it out at the start of the week and was able to get in a little over 3 miles. Yesterday, I took it up a notch and knocked out 7.5 miles. It was a little sore after that run, but overall it looks like my body has given me the green light to start training!



We are currently enjoying some time off in Manhattan Beach (our favorite place to stay when we're working in LA) after we just wrapped up six days of work in Bakersfield. I apologize in advance if you're reading this and you're either from or currently living in Bakersfield, but six days in that town is a little too long for us. We couldn't WAIT to get out of there. Don't get me wrong, I met some lovely folks and everyone was so nice, but I was talking to a fellow roadie the other day and when I told her we just came from Bakersfield she hit me back with:

"Ohhhh. We always know when we're driving through Bakersfield because of the smell."

(FYI - if you've never been, it pretty much smells like shit fertilizer year 'round. I am thankful for Kern County's crops - hello, almonds + pistachios - but that doesn't mean you have to be a fan of the stench. Woof. - Coming from the girl who grew up next to refineries that blow out a daily scent reminiscent to rotten eggs.)

And, speaking of Bakersfield...


Casey and I have been on the road this year since February. Therefore, we've worked a lot of events nationwide and a handful of county fairs especially on this particular tour. I don't normally talk about the details of our job or current tours on the blog, but I thought I'd let you in on a little secret. This year we have seen a lot of AWESOME...

bad tattoos.

Working with people on a daily basis, this blog might be a lot more fun to read if I actually posted more about some of our events or the crazy things that come out of people's mouths but I'm going to continue to stick to running and travel beyond today's glorious tattoo mentions.

About a year or so ago, my best friend Amie, got my mom and I watching the show Bad Ink when we randomly caught it airing on A&E. The show basically revolved around people with really horrible/embarrassing tattoos (stick figures, misspellings, etc.) that had them covered to look like a beautiful piece of artwork. It was hilarious to watch and see some of the things that people have actually gotten permanently engraved on their bodies. I mean there's a Tumblr dedicated to bad tattoos and daily posts on Reddit, so I know I'm not the only one that gets a kick out of this. And for some reason, this year we've seen some exceptional ones...

My top two contenders are:

1. "Sucka 4 Love" inked on the arm with the letters wrapping around a lollipop (courtesy of Rapid City, SD).

2. "Getting Paid. Getting Laid." tattooed right on this guy's neck for all to see (courtesy of Bakersfield, CA).

And honorable mention goes to a gal also in Rapid City, SD whose tattoo had a phrase with the word "dying" in it...except it was spelled "dieing" ...her ex-boyfriend did it.

I am incredibly blessed to work with people on a daily basis - I get to hear some great stories, meet some phenomenal folks and learn about new cultures. But some of the best parts are moments like these that you just can't make up...that crack you up EVERY. Single. Time.

Moral of the story: Proofread your tattoos, really think long and hard about that placement and remember that "sucka" is going to be there forever...for ALL to see.


I apologize for using a cuss word in the title of this post and in it's content as Momma Cox did not raise me that way (sorry, mom!) but there's no other word to describe the following ladies and their recent accomplishments.

First - Deena Kastor: Olympian. Elite Athlete. American Record Holder. Mother. Master's Runner. Complete badass. Just broke five Master's World Records including the [master's] half marathon record at the Rock 'N' Roll Philly Marathon on Sunday. She finished in lightning speed, clocking a 1:09:36, taking third woman overall and first American female. Did I mention she's 41-years-old?!?! Oiselle sponsored Olympian/elite runner, Kara Goucher, also made her return post-injury with a strong 6th place debut!

From the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Series IG account

Second - A fellow Oiselle teammate and blogger, Emily, not only finished her first 100-mile race (an accomplishment in itself) but she placed in the top 10, coming in as the 8th woman overall! Insane. I can't even fathom the emotion or the strength it would take to complete a 100-mile race. Unbelievable. Again this woman is a complete...Badass. (P.S. You can read her recap and reflections on the race: here, here and here). 

Third - My good friend, Amy, just found out today that she got into the 2015 Boston Marathon. She's always been an inspiration and a fantastic role model to me these past few years. I couldn't be happier for her and she truly earned her spot and deserves to be there! Congratulations, Amy! You're such a... (you guessed it)...badass! (You can read her blog here)

Cheers to you, Amy!
I can't wait to celebrate with you! 




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