The Golden State

Since my last post, we've been hitting the highways of Southern California for work. Bouncing between Orange County and San Diego, from Imperial Beach to Redondo. From the California Wine Festival in Dana Point to the Planes of Fame air show in Chino, California. 

So here's a photo potpourri of what we've been up to and more importantly a few more places you should visit when you find yourself in sunny SoCal. 

Redondo>Hermosa>Manhattan (and back). Easily my favorite path and place to run in LA. 

The best part is rewarding yourself with a 'Manhattan Peach' from Paradise Bowls afterward...

And a place I wouldn't recommend going to unless you're a Kardashian or have a enough disposable income to use cash as toilet paper...

As mentioned, I love stopping by local running stores during our travels. I saw Novecento Sports in Newport Beach (should have known) was an Oiselle dealer. So, I thought I would check them out. I walked into the store and easily found some bird threads on the rack...yay! Quickly to find a pair of Mac Roga shorts that regularly retail for $44, were marked up to $65...nay! Everything was inflated by nearly $20. Crazy! Pretentious and pricey. I'd bypass this "running" store on your next trip to the O.C. 

Instead, take your moola and head down the road to Crystal Cove State Park for trails, gorgeous views and beach access...

"To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live."
-Hans Christian Andersen

Tip: Parking is $15 for the day, but there is an option to pay $10 for 2 hours. We opted for the latter, having plenty of time to enjoy the park while saving $5. 

Also in Newport Beach is this totally rad fish market/fish taco fast casual restaurant that Casey LOVED... 

Bear Flag Fish Company
Young coconuts open and ready to savor. 

A great logo is always a bonus.
Note to my vegetarian/vegan friends: not a lot of options here for you.

But because we love food, here is another gem we dined at near Newport with killer sweet potato fries, veggie options (get the veggie burger!) and a large selection of brews (crucial)--Crow Burger Kitchen

We also spent one of our recent days off in Huntington Beach. We work hard and we're on the road traveling at least 300 days of the year. I love my job (something that can't be said by everyone) but when it gets tough or when we get tired it's moments like this that remind us why it's all worth it...

Always be grateful and count your blessings. Living a positive life makes every day more beautiful. 

Also near Huntington Beach is Jan's Health Bar. If I lived near this place, it would be dangerous. As in dangerous to my wallet. Delicious açaí bowls, smoothies and sandwiches. A perfect pit stop before/after a playful day at the beach. 

As far as running, I've spent a lot of time on this bad boy...

I despise 'dreadmills' but if this is my only option to squeeze in a run before work or while Casey is sleeping, this is not a bad place to be stuck in. I LOVE when hotels have gyms designed or sponsored by Precor. Thank you, Hilton for this bomb fitness center. I'm hoping to revive my 'weekly mileage' posts next week, but until then...last week I got in a 10-mile run and an 8-mile run plus some shorter runs and some time on the bike. I've had some pain in my sesamoid(s), or the ball of my foot, that bothered me a lot before and still after orthotics. I did some research and apparently it can also be caused by high arches too. I wish I had a bionic body but we can all think negative and want more, or I can be happy that it's nothing too serious and just something I have to be smart about. :) I've taken two days off of running, but we were on our feet for 24 hours in the past two days just for work. Again, just finding that balance between running and touring. 

Right now we are driving from Chino, CA to Carlsbad with the next two days off! I can't wait for some beach time, long runs, sunshine, more açaí bowls and great food from some of our favorite places in San Diego. 

One of which I may have already visited on Friday...

O.B. Smoothie Bar & Subs
Tip: Cash only

I hope everyone reading this has an incredible week! Here's one last photo and a little wisdom from my Yogi tea...


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