Weekly Mileage: 2/24-3/2 and the Injury That Won't Go Away!

California dreamin' 
I was hoping this week would bring more mileage, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Either the back-to-back half marathons or standing at our events (or both) caught up to me and my knee was calling for an official time out. For the third week straight, my miles/workouts have been very low and this week I've taken more time off than I have since returning to running post-injury. I'll do whatever it takes (even if it means testing my sanity and taking an entire week off from running) to make sure I'm not out of the game for another 7-months.

So without further ado, here are my runs workouts/rest days/adventures for the week:

MONDAY: Back in San Diego for work, so of course another 2-hour walk at Torrey Pines (with Casey) was due. Without realizing it we wandered towards Black's Beach and got a little more than we bargained for--views of the breathtaking scenery, seagulls flying over, paragliders sailing in the beautiful blue sky, and a big naked sasquatch dude. You better believe we turned around at that point.

Our favorite place in San Diego. 
Not pictured: Naked dude and big naked lady. We actually saw her first, but
I thought she was just wearing a beige swimsuit.
TUESDAY: 20 min. on the hotel bike | 4 miles on the dreadmill | Plus, this insanely delicious acai bowl from O.B. Smoothie Bar & Subs. Can't WAIT to have another one of these bad boys when we're back in SD.

Acai with a side of ocean. 

WEDNESDAY: Event day | Rest

THURSDAY: Started to realize the injury was rearing its ugly head again, but I was doing my best to deny it.  Met my stubborn self in the middle and took another day off as a precaution. | Started leg 1 of the cross country drive back to Atlanta, stopping in Flagstaff, AZ for the night. | Dined at this tasty pizza place that is well known in this rad mountain town. The coal fired 'za was divine and the service was so fast. I seriously think we were in there for 20 minutes tops. I made a quick bathroom trip, came out and my pizza was on the table. THAT speedy. We were tired from the long day of driving, but this cute, cozy, spot is perfect for a date night (accompanied by a bottle glass of vino) or a girls' night out. | Highlight of the entire day/drive: receiving THIS e-mail.

Casey is serious about his pizza. After all, he eats it EVERY Sunday
and I swear he always picks the best places! 
FRIDAY: 20 min. on the hotel bike [Flagstaff, AZ] | 3 miles on the dreadmill | When running wasn't going well, finished with 20 min. on the bike and realized there was something definitely wrong when it was painful to cycle too. The motion of bending my knee anything other than straight was not good. Instead of wallowing in self pity and shedding some unnecessary tears (like I definitely did last year), I went straight up to our room and called my doctor. I'm on a waiting list to see him when I'm home for a short week in March--a small window before we head out to the West Coast for the rest of the year. Hopefully, I get in! If not, I'll get my MRI and X-RAY on file to have with me and take elsewhere if I have to. If you have any West Coast PT recommendations send them my way. ;) Leg 2 of the drive: Flagstaff, AZ to Amarillo, TX.

SATURDAY: Rest | Lots of foam rolling, stretching and icing involved. | Leg 3 of the drive: Amarillo, TX to Little Rock, AR.

SUNDAY: Rest | Leg 4 of the drive: Little Rock, AR to Atlanta, Georgia. We made it!

TOTAL: Only 7 miles + 1 hr. on the hotel bike + 2 hr. walk with Casey + 4 time zones + 9 states.

GOALS FOR NEXT THIS WEEK: More resting, stretching and icing. I will definitely get back on the hotel bike to work out the knee a little bit and then hopefully I can start slowly building my mileage back up next week. As a part of my 2014 running goals, I've actually found a 16-wk. training plan that I hope to follow and start in two weeks or less (knee willing). First priority: that nagging knee.



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