Weekly Mileage: 2/2-2/9

A special thanks to Casey for making this the best week/best birthday ever!

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who wished me a "Happy Birthday" on Sunday. Your acts of kindness and sweet words meant more to me than you'll ever know.

I will post a race recap for the Mermaid Series Half Marathon and the San Dieguito Half this week, but right now we are getting ready to depart San Diego for Atlanta to start our next tour. For now, I thought I'd do a quick post recapping my mileage for last week. I've seen other bloggers doing this and readers seem to like it? If it's super annoying or a waste of a post, please let me know. Otherwise, I hope to somewhat keep track of my workouts and if I'm diligent enough I will share them weekly.

WEEKLY MILEAGE | 2/2/14-2/9/14
*Yes, I realize this actually encompasses eight days versus seven but hopefully you'll cut me some slack on this one. 

SUNDAY: Nippy Niner Trail Run in St. Louis, MO9 miles (Brooks PureCadence/screw shoes) 1.5 miles walking on my mom's treadmill post-race talking to my best friend on the phone. (Brooks PureFlow 2)Jogged 3 more miles on the treadmill after getting off the phone
Total: 13.5

MONDAY: 7.26 miles near my hometownwith Nike+ GPS watch Brooks PureFlow 2

TUESDAY: Rest Traveled from St. Louis to Chicago via Amtrak

WEDNESDAY: Rest | Snow and ice covered the streets in ChicagolandNot worth risking an injury or the embarrassment (I mean have you seen this video?)

THURSDAY: 7 miles on the dreadmill at Fitness 19 (we were able to score a free 1-day pass) | Brooks PureConnect 2

FRIDAY: Rest | Travel day: flew from Chicago to San Diego

SATURDAY: Mermaid Series Half Marathon San Diego No watch | Brooks PureConnect 2 | Chip time: 1:45:58

SUNDAY: San Dieguito Half Marathon (San Diego) | Hilly course | Took it easy on sore legsNo watch | Brooks PureFlow 2 | Chip time: 1:51:24


GOALS FOR NEXT WEEK: Scale back a little bit this week to give my legs some rest as my mileage was nowhere near 50 miles/wk. prior to 2/2-2/9 (since coming back from injury). 


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