Weekly Mileage: 2/17-2/23

Life is a highway.

WEEKLY MILEAGE | 2/17-2/23

MONDAY: 45 min. on the hotel bike [Amarillo, TX] | 6 easy miles on the dreadmill | Brooks PureFlow 2 | Another 9-10 hour drive to Flagstaff, AZ.

TUESDAY: Rest | Two interviews for future tours Finished the final leg of the drive from Flagstaff, AZ to Anaheim, CA.

WEDNESDAY: 30 min. on the elliptical | 10 miles on the hotel dreadmill  [Anaheim, CA] | Brooks PureFlow 2 | Some runs are bad, some feel like they can go on forever and ever with ease. I channeled my inner Forrest Gump on this one and felt great.
The hardest challenge of becoming a vegetarian was turning down our favorite
 turkey burger in the entire country on Wednesday night.
 If you're in Anaheim, visit The Catch and have the Harvest Turkey Burger for me. ;)

THURSDAY: 1-hr walk with Casey at Manhattan Beach | This day was extremely stressful as we were running errands/gathering permits for our current tour while being presented with two other 2014 tour opportunities after our current contract expires. Each tour had it's perks, but after many long discussions and clearing our heads at the beach, we made our final decision
Manhattan Beach.
If you're ever in Manhattan Beach, you HAVE to go to Paradise Bowls!
Pictured: Their Manhattan Peach. SO GOOD.
FRIDAY: Event day | We have some heavy elements on our event site, so setup and breakdown is a workout in itself (we usually average a 2-hr setup + event + breakdown). This ended up being a 13+ hour day as we did a site check for Saturday's event and rented a generator after we wrapped. | 60 min. on the hotel bike when we got "home" while multi-tasking like a champ doing laundry, calling my mom/texting my bro, uploading event photos and enjoying this extraordinary view.

This guy was one in a million, and I actually loved that he was blaring some classic tuneage.
It was soothing.
In all seriousness though, I give this dude mad props because at the end of the day
 he was still lapping everyone else on the couch. 

SATURDAY: Event day/"Rest" | After our event, we returned our generator and hit the road for San Diego!

SUNDAY: Rest | Event in the early a.m. then went back to our hotel to pass out and relax after three long days. | Worked out my arms by shoveling this pizza into my mouth instead.

Our view at Sunday's event.
Not too shabby. 
URBN Coal Fired Pizza Bar. 
Thin, crispy and delicious.
(North Park | San Diego)
TOTAL: 16 miles + 30 min. elliptical + 1 hr. 45 min. on the bike + 1 hr. walk with Casey + 3 events (setup/breakdown).

THOUGHTS: I didn't get in as many miles this week as I had hoped, but I am constantly reminding myself that:

 A. I am not training for anything...YET (until we get a solid tour schedule) so it's okay to miss a workout here and there as I try to find my balance between work and play. 
B. I have to listen to my body and be mindful of my knees (especially my troubled left one). Surgery is not an option for me at this time and I want to keep it that way. 

It may be hard to understand our industry or what we do, but sometimes it requires a lot of physical labor (which is one of the many reasons why I love it) and standing for long periods of time talking to consumers. I love my job and it will always come first, however it comes back to the balance of work/play as standing on concrete for long periods of time tends to really bother my knee. This week I noticed my knee was digressing again as I was (/am) having trouble with mobility/range (cannot stretch my leg back to my behind) so I am actually proud of myself for taking it easy once again and doing the best I can. Sometimes I get frustrated because I want to come home from a long event day to get in some miles, but this is where I am beginning to realize I just can't. After an event day, my legs need to rest. Again, it's all about walking that fine line between tour life and running. 

GOALS FOR NEXT THIS WEEK: We only have one event this week and then we start the long trek back to Atlanta, GA from San Diego, CA. Aside from the long drives, I should have plenty of time/energy to increase my mileage as long as the knee is feeling good.

*Note: I don't list every single thing I do on these weekly mileage posts even though it probably seems like it. I incorporate foam rolling, icing and stretching after almost every workout. Also, I have been working on doing more bridges, donkey kicks and core work but I don't necessarily list it in my weekly mileage posts. :)

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