Weekly Mileage: 2/10-2/16

The Zooma Women's Race Series posted this photo on Facebook and I absolutely love it because it's so true. As much as I wish I could still hang like I was 21, truth is I'm 28 and I'd much rather get in a good run and take a nap any day. Zzzzzzzz.

But before I put you to sleep with another boring post, here is my mileage for the week. My goal was to take it easy and I think I successfully accomplished that:

WEEKLY MILEAGE | 2/10/14-2/16/14

MONDAY: 2-hour hike with Casey at Torrey Pines | Brooks PureConnect 2

TUESDAY: Rest | Travel day: flew from San Diego to Atlanta

WEDNESDAY: 3 easy miles on the hotel dreadmill | Brooks PureDrift

THURSDAY: 20-minute warm up on the hotel elliptical | 6 easy miles on the hotel dreadmill | Brooks PureConnect 2

FRIDAY: Rest | Full day at our ATL office: loading up our footprint for tour with one element weighing 400 lbs. (definitely had the help of a third person and a dolly) + we got to see/meet up with my brother and sis-in-law in the evening.

SATURDAY: Rest | Travel day: 8+ hr. drive from Atlanta, Georgia to Little Rock, AR (if you're curious, we went through: GA, AL, MS, TN, and AR). 

SUNDAY: 30-min on the hotel bike | Travel day: 8+ hr. drive from Little Rock, AR to Amarillo, TX (states traveled: AR, OK and TX). 

TOTAL: 9 miles + 2 hour hike + 30 min on the bike + 20 min elliptical + 8 states + 4 time zones

THOUGHTS: As mentioned, I took this week easy on purpose. They say to listen to your body and let me tell ya, my (left) knee has been screaming between last week's back-to-back half marathons and sitting for long periods of time.

Now that we are back on the road for the remainder of 2014, I am going to have to find a balance between running higher mileage weeks + working events where I am standing/running around on concrete for 12 or more hours/day with manual labor included + long drives from city-to-city (bring on the lactic acid). I love my job, and I am definitely not complaining. I just have to find a good relationship between running, remaining injury-free and the physical demands of work.

Hopefully if I train smart and listen to my body, I'll be able to achieve a good balance.

GOALS FOR NEXT WEEK: Work on finding said balance by getting in early morning workouts before our long drive days.

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