Live Deliciously!

After a very stressful (but blessed) week full of opportunities and events, Casey and I have come to a decision on our next tour and we are excited to announce we have signed a contract for the Cupcake Vineyards Live Deliciously 2014 Truck Tour.


-From late March until the end of November we will be traveling up and down our favorite region of the United States, the West Coast! We are stoked for many reunions in Colorado, and nonstop travel to some of our favorite cities: San Diego, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, etc.

-Aside from retail stops, this tour will also set up shop sampling at some of the biggest food and wine festivals across the West. Obviously we won't be partaking in the vino drinking while we're working, but it will be a blast to be a part of such fun events.

-Because we'll be on the Best Coast West Coast until November, it will make packing for the rest of the year a lot easier (my fellow roadies know, cold weather clothes take up a lot more space in the good 'ol suitcase). Bring on the sunshine, shorts, tanks, sandals and lots of running kicks. On our days off you can find us anywhere outside.

-I think Casey is going to try to set a personal record for most fish tacos consumed in the span of eight months.

-We usually tour until November, take time off for the holidays, regroup with our families, travel for pleasure and start up again in the New Year. Last year, we represented several brands and criss crossed the U.S. multiple times on various tours. It will be a nice change to have a longer tour where we are "one and done" for the year, representing a stellar client, in our favorite region. Pinch me.

-I probably shouldn't admit this, but this will be the first client in my professional life in which I've actually used their product in my personal life. You should probably try Cupcake Vineyards Red Velvet wine and report back; you're welcome. In our industry brands are chosen for us to represent which makes me even more picky about the brands I support in my personal life (and on the blog). I am stoked that I won't have to put on a smokeshow for consumers because I actually love, use and consume Cupcake Vineyards wine!


Check out the Cupcake Truck Tour's official website where you can [soon] find our schedule of events along with the schedule for the Midwest and East Coast teams. Plus, you can follow Cupcake Vineyards on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

If you come visit us at one of our many stops, be sure to use the hashtag #CupcakeTruckTour or #LiveDeliciously. ;)

Hope to see you soon!

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