Denver Wrap Up

Not pictured: Friends.
Pictured: Cool bridge and the ever so awesome Cherry Creek Trail (a 40-mile route that begins in downtown Denver and connects Parker, Centennial and Franktown. -source).

Our next tour has launched, so we have been busy slinging Emergen-C working and ignoring the blog. However, I wanted to share our last few days in Denver with you all. To some it up, our finals days were spent having too much fun, hanging with friends and eating lots of good food...just the way we like it.  

Here are a lot few pictures that capture it all and a few places you should check out the next time you're in Mile High: 

When in Denver, you MUST check out View House. Brand spankin' new to LoDo, this bar/restaurant dwarfs the rooftops at The Tavern and LoDo's and is nestled next door to Coors Field. The service wasn't the best, but the views and the pure magnitude of this place are worth every penny. Tip: Stick to drinks and eat elsewhere.
Our waitress liked to take pictures...A LOT of pictures.
Afterward, it was off to one of our favorite Denver festivals--Oktoberfest!
How cool are the steins this year? I'd say we just about love anything stamped with the Colorado logo.
Being the goofs that we are...
Rain and cold weather couldn't stop this crew from having fun.
Just look at those stein hoisting poses!
Flashback Friday: former 9News/Metromix employees.
Saturday evening we soaked up Friday's fun at one of our fav restaurants in Denver--Steuben's. The veggie burger never gets old. 
For dessert we stopped at Park & Co. for two quick games of bubble hockey. We really need to hang out at this place more often the next time we're in 5280. 
And just like old times, we watched the Bears game at the Chicago bar near our old place.
We miss you, Wyman's No. 5!
After the game, our good friend Matt (who watched the game with us) took us to an awesome new taco place also within walking distance from our old residence. They even had breakfast tacos! NOM.
It wouldn't be Sunday without Casey's tradition of "Sunday Night Pizza." We went to a place we had never been to before, Hops & Pie, and it was the pefect ending to our trip. We had enough beer on Friday to last us for the month so we opted for some high quality H2O, but we thought it was awesome how each table was accompanied by a "Beer Keeper" filled with their extensive list of beers and beer cocktails. It's the little touches that make a place so awesome. Tip: Order a pizza with the Blackberry BBQ sauce...still dreaming about it. 


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