On deck: Emergen-C

We have been blessed this year to line up so many great tours. It's hard to believe we spent a third of this year in sunny California, crossed the country from coast to coast two or three times, went up and down the East Coast and now we have yet another tour on deck with a fabulous and well-known brand.

In less than a week, we will fly back to Atlanta to start training for our new client; Emergen-C!

We are ecstatic to represent a product we support and a supplement that comes in so handy year 'round. Another great thing about Emergen-C? They sponsor events! Albeit, marathons, music festivals, tournaments, you name it! Check out their sponsorship opportunities here.

And if you want to visit us on the road, say "hi" and get free samples or just want to follow our travels, catch us on the Emergen-C tour in Atlanta, Chicago, Boston and New York!

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