Friday Running Reads

For those at work, staring at the clock, waiting for the hand to strike 4:30 5 p.m., here are some running articles to sift through to pass the time:

Nadia the Runner-The October edition of Runner's World (now available) highlights this 28-year-old teacher who has accomplished 100 marathons. Yowza! In the piece they casually mentioned Nadia has a blog but they didn't provide the name. Being the creep that I am, I found it on the worldwide interwebs and came across this awesome entry she did of her "Top 20 Marathons." Girl has some mad experience with 100+ races under her belt, so read her entry and get some ideas for your next marathon.

Couch to Half Marathon-Debating on running a half marathon? Coming back from injury (me!). Here is a great "Couch to Half Marathon Training Plan" from Women's Running.

Top Qualifying Races-The Boston Athletic Association has provided a list of the "Top Qualifying Races for the Boston Marathon." It's a list of the most frequently used marathons to qualify for the Boston Marathon a.k.a. usually the flatest, fastest courses. With seven marathons and no BQ in sight, I hope to pick a winner from this list to conquer in 2014--who's with me for Boston 2015? ;)

Skinny Runner; Running Shoe Inserts: why?!-One of my favorite running bloggers, Skinny Runner, is an absolute machine knocking out anywhere from 12-15 marathons a year. Yes, in ONE year! She is an idol to many and for someone like me who is constantly plagued by injuries, I not only admire her but am quite jealous of her bionic body. So, I thought it was interesting when she discussed in a previous post that she uses custom shoe inserts inside all of her shoes and somewhat attributes it to being injury-free. In 2005, my physical therapist told me my left leg is longer than my right (joy) so I'm excited to look into getting a pair of these at Road Runner Sports (store locator) to see if it helps with my consistent knee injuries. Read her full post, "Running Shoe Inserts: why?!" and let me know what you think.

Update: After doing more research and reading more negative reviews forums, I chose not to buy running shoes inserts. 

6 Best Hydrating Foods for Athletes-A list of foods high in water content from

The Best Marathons and Fun Runs for Wine Lovers-Wine. Running. Wine AND running. What's not to love? (Note: dates reflected in the blog post are from 2012, but most--if not all--of these races still exist)

The World's Top 10 Marathons-From Runner's World UK a list of top 10 marathons in the world. Who wants to take a vacation?

5 Running Blogs You Should Be Reading-A list compiled by I'd like to nominate or add Once Upon a Lime to this list. Sarah at OUaL has the most sarcastic, real, let-me-give-it-to-you-straight and leave you laughing for days posts. It's not all rainbows and butterflies which also makes her more relatable to us reading at home.

Ten of the Best Running Documentaries-featuring my personal favorite, Spirit of the Marathon. 

Celebrity Marathon Times-Now I know what it takes to catch Ryan Reynolds. No, but really this is a great list for some extra motivation (thank goodness I'm faster than Sarah Palin, phew!). 

2013's Best New Running Books-Which one is going to be your next read?

10 Race to Run Before You Die-Duly noted.

6 Best Post-Race Beers-Because it's almost beer-30.


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