Denver: Day 2

Mile High is our first home together and our favorite city, but when it comes to our most cherished place in the United States (and possibly the world) that title belongs to Winter Park, Colorado. So on day two of our Denver vacation we escaped the city and headed towards our home-sweet-home in the mountains. It was a gorgeous day as temperatures reached nearly 80 degrees and Casey made sure to take advantage of it by reserving a tee time at Pole Creek Golf Club in neighboring town, Tabernash.

Continental Divide--part of the beautiful drive to Winter Park.
If you know Colorado, you know the weather can be unpredictable. For example, yesterday in the mountains temperatures mimicked a warm summer day while today temperatures are expected to reach a high of 40 degrees (if they're lucky) with a 40% chance of rain and snow all evening. Crazy.

But at the same time, it's the unpredictability that we love--it will always keep you on your toes.

Not to overuse the word perfect, but yesterday seriously could not have been more perfect.
Perfect weather. Perfect course. Perfect fall colors. Perfect time in Tabernash and Winter Park.

Fall is starting to show it's colors
Scroll through our photos and take a look for yourself. Be prepared for mountain overload (I can't get enough of them) and be sure to catch how you can save some cash when you hit the links at Pole Creek Golf Club.

Pole Creek Golf Club
The view from the 9th hole on the Ridge course
I could sit here all day.
Save nearly $30 on your tee time by booking online!

Highest point on the golf course: 8812 ft. 

Every reason why Colorado is my favorite state.

If we won the lottery...
This stunning home overlooks the 9th hole (Ridge)

Closing day was Sept. 22, so Winter Park Resort is a ghost town in the off-season as they get ready to open for the winter in less than 50 days!
Casey beat me for the FIRST time ever in Connect Four.
By the way, how great is this ginormous version?
A glimpse at where we stayed on my 25th birthday.
Side note: that pond serves as the ice skating rink in the winter.
We capped off the day with our Winter Park go-to, Hernando's Pizza Pub.
This place is always jammed during the season, so it was nice to see only a handful of people in there--it was like we had reserved it all to ourselves. The off-season is kind of awesome...
Winter Park, Colorado.
Mountains, but ideally I'd love to have both.

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