Denver: Day 1

Yesterday was our first day (back) in Denver, so we woke up with excitement as we raced to one of our favorite spots for breakfast, Snooze. This popular diner started in Denver, but has since grown into six locations with five across Colorado and one solo location in San Diego.

If heaven came in the form of pancakes...
I ordered the sweet potato pancakes (again) while Casey dove into a plate of eggs benedict (Ham Benedict III). You better believe there wasn't a single crumb left on either plate.

This bag, may or may not, be empty already.
Maybe the shell is there for a reason.

To work off our food coma, we roamed the aisles of our local Target that we used to frequent when we lived in Congress Park and picked up some groceries for our hotel. I don't know if you've seen these puppies but this is a bag of shelled pistachios. No need to fight the shell, they're salted and ready to go! I first found these at home at Sam's Club, but I was pumped to see them in Denver too. Just be careful, they're addictive and dangerous.

Our I Heart Denver Store loot and our pile of stickers from the magnificent hostess at Rackhouse Pub.

We were up and at 'em at 6:45 a.m. as we're adjusting from the Eastern Time Zone back to the best time zone ever (MST) so after a nap we cruised down to 16th Street Mall to visit our favorite store in 5280, the I Heart Denver Store. We collected some new threads (a tradition of ours) and bailed. We love the Colorado state sign so Casey's pick was perfect and I loathe the red eyes of the horse at DIA, so the laser pupils on this bronco and star-spangled sleeves were calling my name. A win for the both of us.

To top off the night we made our way to Rackhouse Pub for dinner. On our way there we saw the new Illegal Pete's on Broadway (Casey's favorite fast food Mexican restaurant near DU) and the new Fancy Tiger/Fancy Tiger Crafts/Buffalo Exchange location. Three awesome stores now combined into one schmancy location. Amaze.

I love how they served the ketchup and fries in measuring cups.

Next door to Stranahan's Distillery, we had to pass on the whiskey (we drove, responsibly) and opted for a single brewski to pair with our meals. I had Upslope's Pumpkin Ale while Casey soaked in the suds of Prost's Oktoberfest. Both delicious. For dinner, Casey had the pulled BBQ pork bison sandwich with potato wedges smothered in parmesean cheese (just as tasty as it sounds) and I had "The Leyna" salad with spinach, apple, gorgonzola cheese, candied walnuts drizzled with a blueberry vinaigrette (nom, nom).

Once we cleared our plates and downed our beers, we decided it was time to head home and crash after we had been on such an adrenaline high all day (Denver, we love you and we've missed you!). On the way out, Casey asked the lovely hostess if they [Rackhouse] had any stickers for sale (Casey collects stickers from wherever we go and the best ones gain prime real estate on his suitcase). Unfortunately, Rackhouse didn't have any stickers of their own but this insanely sweet hostess not only gave Casey a stack of stickers from several local breweries but she made sure he had at least two of each (one for him and one for me). How awesome is she? Icing on the cake to our perfect Mile High celebration.



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