Virginia Beach, Virginia

So, I've never been to Virginia Beach until recently. I've also never been to the Jersey Shore, but the area in which I envision Snooki throwing down cash for more booze and blow outs frolicking the coast, that area has to be a close relative to Virginia Beach. Any time you hear the word "beach" or think about a beach town, I immediately imagine overpriced housing, materialistic housewives and plastic bodies (that we all secretly envy). Virginia Beach....not that kind of beach and I kind of dig that about it.

It actually reminds me of my hometown. For example, if my hometown (refinery included) were located on the would be called Virgina Beach but maybe less Nelly on the radio and more tunes from the 90s (seriously, VA what era is your radio living in?). That's not a bad thing. In fact, I'm pumped to eventually run a race in this city (they always have the best advertisements in Runner's World) and I liked how down to Earth it is. I felt like I fit in versus I didn't belong. Anyway, enough of my impression of VA Beach. Before I get into hot water, here are some photos from our fabulous time on this East Coast beach town:

Loving this running/bike path. 
Rockin' out.

Jungle Golf. Yeah, don't go here. This place definitely has those "beach prices" I was talking about--$22 for two people to play on the most miniature of mini-golf courses. 

In our super competitive relationship, I FINALLY tied him in mini-golf.
Looking for an awesome lunch spot in Virginia Beach? Drive to this farm-to-table, Leaping Lizard Cafe, featured on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives." 
For dinner head to this second Triple D spot for pineapple salsa and barbeque mahi tacos.
Save my favorite, Handel's, for dessert. Be sure to arrive early to beat the crowd.
Order a "hurricane" or a waffle cone.

Thank you, VB for such an awesome experience. Until, next time...

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