Next up: Birds Eye Sampling Tour

We departed Rome and arrived back in the Windy City on July 23. We were up for 24 hours straight, slept about 4 hours that night and headed back to O'Hare less than 12 hours from when we touched down from our Italia excursion.

Where was our next destination?


We are excited to announce our next tour with Birds Eye! We'll be sampling some of their delicious and incredibly easy to make Steamfresh vegetables in Virginia Beach, Boston and Brooklyn. We plan on educating families on the importance of eating your vegetables but most importantly that consuming your veggies shouldn't be a chore, it should be FUN! Free samples, coupons, custom buttons and a carnival game later...playing with your food should be encouraged.

I am ecstatic to be a small part of a great initiative and represent an incredible brand. Not to mention, we'll also be heading to Virginia Beach and Boston--surprisingly, two cities I've never been to (a.k.a. send me recommendations on said cities). ;)

Once we complete training and hit the road, I plan on littering this blog with pictures and stories from Italy.

Until then, we're off to see some of our favorites in Atlanta! Have a great weekend everyone! 

Just as a reminder, our opinions are our own and not the direct representation of Birds Eye or Pinnacle Foods Inc. 

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