New posts coming soon...

So now that we have officially wrapped the Yahoo! On the Road tour and made it "home" to Chicago on Sunday, I have all the time in the world to update the blog with our adventures from NYC to San Francisco this past month....except my computer isn't working (currently persuaded Case to let me use his).

Therefore, until the Apple Genius works his magic and I can pick up my 5-year-old Mac baby from the shop--here's a sneak peek at some stories to come...

I'm from the Lou and I'm proud! -St. Louis, Missouri
The Lumineers -Boise, Idaho
D.C. Cupcakes -D.C. 
F is for fun. -San Francisco, California
Cadillac Ranch -Amarillo, Texas
Yahoo! HQ -Sunnyvale, California
Star of the hit show The Office and the new film Peeples, Craig Robinson. -New York City, New York

P.S. The European leg of the Yahoo! On the Road tour launched today in Berlin, Germany. You can follow Y!OTR on Facebook, Twitter and at

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