Portland: We Have Arrived

After an early morning flight (6:30 a.m.--thanks for the ride, Andy) we have arrived in Portlandia! 
This has always been one of our favorite cities so we're excited to be back.

View from our hotel room
Once we picked up our rental whip, we checked into our hotel at the Marriott Courtyard City Center (great hotel, btw), claimed our luggage space and headed towards one of our favorite places in the Alphabet District--PBJ's Grilled.

When I first came to Portland in 2010, PBJ's was just a cart. Now, it's a permanent food stand located at 919 NW 23rd Street. Bottom line: YOU HAVE TO GO.

If you need more convincing just take a look at our orders from today:

His. (Casey):

Hot Hood-black cherry jam, roasted jalapeno, apple wood bacon and PBJ's peanut butter ($6). 

Hers. (Me):

Sun Up-cinnamon raisin bread, wild flower honey, granola, bananas and PBJ's peanut butter ($5.75). 

These sandwiches are not your average JIF and jelly, but instead incredibly delicious creations that are beyond filling. I promise you will not be disappointed. Take a peep at a few other PBJ's Grilled sandwiches to see which one suits your fancy.

Tip: They cut the PBJs in half (diagonally) so we suggest if you're with a friend to each get something different and go halfsies so you can each try more than one concoction. 

Edited with the new Yahoo! Flickr app. 

We enjoyed every bite (per usual) but quickly felt stuffed like an anchor was just dropped into our bellies which just like the after effects of Thanksgiving dinner meant one thing--nap time.

We've been dragging due to our early morning wake up call, but we've thoroughly enjoyed just relaxing in our hotel room with the Eugene Marathon on the horizon. Luckily, we've been to Portland before so we don't feel rushed or guilty for not spending every free second exploring. As I had mentioned earlier, the theme for this weekend is to just BE and that's what we've done so far today and it feels so good.

For dinner we opted to for a cute Italian restaurant, Mama Mia Trattoria, just a few blocks away and walking distance from our hotel.

Let the carb-loading commence.



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