How to be a Contestant on the Price Is Right

So you're in L.A. and you want to fulfill your dream of being on the Price is Right. You know the one where you're tossing and turning in your sleep as Bob Barker Drew Carey announces "your name here, COME ON DOWWWN, YOU'RE THE NEXT CONTESTANT ON THE PRICE ISSS RIGHT"--you're jumping up and down hugging strangers, trying not to trip as you make your way to the front row with the aspiration of bidding just $1 only to wake up and realize that kind of stuff doesn't happen to you.

Except, IT CAN.

First, let me make it clear that Casey and I attended a taping (on February 19, 2013) but we were not called to bidding row as we did the opposite of those chosen. So, here are my observations I came away with in this less than scientific piece on how to be a contestant on the Price is Right (Deadspin has published an article with similar observations).


First and foremost, you need tickets. You can get these for free (right here) on the Price is Right's official website. I suggest getting them in advance and if you see a show with the "Priority Ticket" option, choose that one as that guarantees your entrance and you don't have to wait for hours outside the CBS studio in hopes of being in the audience.

Be prepared for a long day and bring a few snacks in your purse or pockets if you can. The entire duration of the Price is Right experience takes about five hours with only about an hour of that time devoted to the actual show taping. Also, leave the camera at home as you won't be allowed to take any photos even while waiting (except I snuck in two).


Eight out of the nine contestants chosen to "Come on down" during our episode were sporting custom made Price is Right t-shirts revolving around the show's games, signature sayings or fans just blantantly professing their love for Drew Carey--all of the above, bring it. The cheesier the better and puff paint is totally acceptable. Do not attend the taping (like us) dressed in normal attire. 


If you are part of a large group (wearing custom t-shirts), the likelihood of one of you being called is much higher. If all else fails, they always sit the matching masses together in the middle (the most televised and viewable) section.


So you know that guy that always has one too many and is just absolutely obnoxious, loud, and thinks he's not funny hilarious...Or that gal you know that's always a "topper"--whatever you've done--she's done it five times and every time it has escalated to be the most outrageous story...ever...Or that guy at sporting events that has something to say about everything and everyone? Take the most obnoxious person or people you know, combine them and multiply it by about ten--yeah, act like that.

If you're an aspiring actor or actress (who isn't in Hollywood) then this is your jam and your first audition. The role? Jackass.

Throughout the boring wait, you must be the head cheerleader in the crowd. During the interview with Stan (casting) you must not answer his question but elaborate, cut him off and take it a step further--"Where are you from?" ..."I LOVE DREW CAREY. I LOVE YOU STAN. I'VE BEEN WATCHING EVERY EPISODE SINCE I WAS BORN IN 19__ IN ST. LOUIS! THE MIDWEST LOVES PRICE IS RIGHT. WOOOO. "

I wish I was kidding.


Now, after you've followed steps 1-4 and you've been called as a contestant you can first give me a shout out on-air or shoot me a quick "thank you" (just kidding). Second, be sure to look up your episode's air date so you can have all of your friends and family watch your episode. Do not trust the date they give you at the taping.

For example, we were told our episode would air April 4, at the show taping. We told our friends and family to tune in and watch as the very last contestant is sitting right next to Casey. Everyone channeled their boob tube to CBS and thought we were lying as we were nowhere in sight. Turns out, it wasn't our episode. We looked up our air date and it said our episode actually aired March 27. Wrong again. They updated their programming schedule furthermore and our episode isn't actually airing until this summer on August 20...uh, for real this time.


When Casey and I return to the Price is Right (and we will) our plan is to purchase/make about 10-15 custom shirts (in addition to ours), hand them out to the people around us in line and create an impromptu "group." Next time, we'll also be sure to shotgun a few Red Bulls and pretend like it's Halloween and our costume is Joan Rivers the most annoying person you know. Feel free to copy this plan and report back on your success.

And, it wouldn't be a proper PIR post if I didn't end it with...
"Help control the pet population, have your pet spayed or neutered. Goodbye, everybody!" 


Plinko or Cliffhanger.

Fun fact: Hopefully, you're not embarrassed of your given name as your signature handwritten name tag HAS to be the first name presented on your driver's license. No ifs, ands or buts. Ugh, Jennifer? Who's that?...I guess that's better than Rainbow

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