TGIF: New Race, New Mag

Today has been an exceptional Friday. TGIF, everyone! 

1. I added another race, the Coronado Valentine's Day 10K! I am currently in the process of convincing Casey to run it with me...well, not really with me but at the same time as me.

The first step is to admit you and have a problem. Ladies and gentleman...I am a selfish runner (sorry, Case). I am trying to increase my speed and jam in as many races as possible because I'm not sure I'll be able to register for anything after this market (or until the Eugene Marathon) as LA traffic can be horrible and we work weekends. Basically getting from point A-hotel to point B-race back to point A, showered and at work by 10:30 a.m. in X city can be quite impossible. Plus, work comes first as I wouldn't trade my job for anything. 

Side note (because you know I love added bonuses): If you're in the SD area and running the Coronado VDay 10K, look out for this CRAZY FAST gal, Lizzy, from the blog "In it to Win it." Girlfriend is an inspiration. We're talking sub 3-hour marathoner, elite runner and master of "chicking" dudes. AH-MAZING. 

2. My "Thank goodness it's Friday" moment came when I spotted the new issue of Runner's World on stands early at one of our grocery store's today. Take the new March issue, pair it with one of my fav cheap wines and boom shaka night is MADE. 

My mom is flying in to visit us in SD, she's never been!
I'm pumped for the Mermaid Series Half Marathon on my birthday! 

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