Running Rant: 2nd Edition

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Pro Compression in regards to their new sock of the month with the headline exclaiming "Save 40% Off Our BEST Sock Ever."

I knew February was the best birthday month ever, but apparently PC agrees.

Anyway, this neon green with pink marathon sock is 40% with free shipping with the code: SOM213

Here are the specs: 

-Promotes blood flow for faster recovery
-Foot-bed compression
-Built-in "Stabilizer Zone" for optimal support
-Advanced fiber blend manages moisture
-Made in the USA

Whenever Pro Compression has a sale of this magnitude the socks sell out quickly so don't wait to get your hands on this cute pair of socks and pair them with the shorts in the next deal...

Aspaeris (pronounced "ah-spear-us") is debuting their brand spankin' new line of Gen2 [compression] pivot shorts. 

And as an early birthday present to me they are offering this sneak peek of their neon pink shorts and a coupon code. YES. 

The new shorts will be available February 5th and they are offering $10 off with free shipping! 

Use this coupon code at checkout: THANKYOU

No, ah thank YOU Aspaeris.


Spirit of the Marathon is my FAVORITE documentary and I've watched it about 87594389 times. 

Thanks to Brian Guzman (my friend Amy P.'s running partner) he informed our little virtual running group that Spirit of the Marathon II will premiere this year! If anyone has any information on the release date (I've heard April 2013) or screenings, please let me know! 

Until then, I'll be watching the trailer (see above) on repeat. 

Bonus: Here is a link to Marathon Goddess a runner featured in the new Spirit of the Marathon: Maratona di Roma. This woman's charitable efforts are out of this world amazing. 

Since I'll be receiving presents tomorrow, here are some gifts for you to open today...

Check out these SUPER February savings from my buddy (okay, we're not really's more of a one-sided friendship) Retail Me Not:

Save on multiple races from The San Francisco Marathon, Muddy Buddy, Spartan Race and more. 

Has anyone ever had G.T.'s Kombucha or one of their Synergy drinks?
I had the Cherry Chia with raw chia seeds and cherries and it was DELICIOUS.

From the bottle: 

Often called "runner's food," chia is a nutrient-rich superfood that provides sustained energy for your body. Packed with more than 8 times the omega-3's found in salmon, this small seed has big nutritional value. With more antioxidants than blueberries and more fiber than oatmeal, see for yourself how chia brings new life to our GT's Kombucha. 

You can also buy raw chia seeds from your local grocery store (or Trader Joe's) to add to your oatmeal, protein shakes, etc. 

Tomorrow is my birthday, meaning tomorrow is also the San Diego Mermaid Half Marathon

I was hoping to set a new half PR, but 3-weeks post marathon, a bum right knee and a lack of running later...

I'm just hoping to finish. 



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