Momma Cox Goes to San Diego: Day 1

My mom has never been to San Diego, so once we signed the dotted line confirming that we would reside in the Golden State for a third of 2013, I booked a flight immediately to introduce her to "America's Finest City." 

She arrived late Sunday night and Monday was our first full day of exploring. There is so much to see and we only have so much free time to show her EVERYTHING the highlights before it's back to the grind. 

After finishing up some work, our first stop was Bull Taco for lunch. Casey chowed down on Halibut (fish of the day) while mom and I watched the surfers, walked the beach and she rekindled her love for the Pacific (touching the water in the picture above). 

Then we headed back to the Cabrillo National Monument for round two as we wanted to show Momma Cox the historic landmark and most importantly the beautiful views of the city, Coronado Island and San Diego Bay. Oh yeah, and it was FREE because we presented the receipt from Casey and I's trip which was still good for park admission a week after the time of our visit. 

Mom loved basking in the scenery and she even got to see a submarine leave one of the naval bases and head towards the ocean. Pretty neat. 

To complete the trip, we took a tour of the Old Point Loma Lighthouse. Casey and I were jealous of the Israel family that used to call the "house" their home. Lets be real, we'll take isolation for these views any day.

Now, the BEST for last. 

My mom and I LOVE the movie "Some Like it Hot" fact, it's one of my FAVORITE movies of ALL time. 

We showed mom how you could see the copper colored top of the hotel (used as the backdrop for the hit comedy) atop the national park and from there we set out on our mission to step back into 1959 at Hotel Del Coronado

First, let me clarify...Marilyn Monroe was an amazing actress and a beautiful, curvacious woman BUT I am not an obsessed MM fan and I won't be tatting her image on my arm anytime soon like this Hollywood actress:

However, if branding Marilyn on my arm made me look like Megan Fox then we might have a deal. 

Instead, my mom and I LOVE this black and white film because we are HUGE fans of Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. 

Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon recreating their 1959 role 36 years later in an April 1995 issue of Vanity Fair. 

I have to say visiting "The Del" probably tops anything I've done in San Diego thus far. Being able to walk the sandy beaches and through the hotel lobby Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe and many famous inventors (Thomas Edison), authors, filmmakers and former Presidents have graced was truly righteous.

It was extremely special to share this experience with my mom and my very own Tony Curtis (and no, Casey does not dress like a broad or play any instruments). 

Mom Monroe. 

Isn't he cute?

I can't stop smiling! CHEESE!

After we got our fill of frollicking the beach, wandering the shops and gazing at the luxurious lobby we snapped back to reality and strolled on over to modern restaurant, Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge.

We all got their signature burger, but my tip would be to order the "Nuts Olives Cheese" plate on their Bites + Shares menu as their almonds were smothered in butter and salt...what more could a woman want? Okay, maybe add wine and chocolate and then we're in business... 

After we wrapped up dinner we returned to the hotel. 

Since my training has been slacking post-marathon and I felt like I was carrying an 8 lb. baby cow in my stomach (stuffed with buttery almond goodness) I figured I should probably stomp on the treadmill before hitting the hay. 

Six miles and 78 degrees later (the temperature of the hotel workout sauna room) I considered this run an absolute success because I kept my dinner down and didn't pass out. 

Hey Hilton, ya think you could turn it down a notch?




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