The Farmers Insurance Open

Excuse my saggy pants (wearing my Aspaeris Pivot Shorts underneath for post-race recovery)

FREE is a fabulous word and one we like to take advantage of often.

Yesterday, it was free admission to the Farmers Insurance Open so we swung by just to see the makeover Torrey Pines received as the course gets ready to host the tournament this weekend.

He wouldn't take a picture, so this is what he gets. ;)

Monday's schedule was basically filled with Pro-Am events so we weren't expecting to see any PGA players, but luckily we were wrong! 

We were strolling through the South Course when we were tipped off that John Daly was out practicing, so we wandered towards the back nine to see if we could spot him. 

Sure enough, JD's flamboyant golf bag stuck out like a sore thumb. Speaking of his "Grip It N' Rip It" accessory, you know how I know John Daly is cool? Look at the word "It" on his bag and gaze right to the most spectacular embellishment you've ever seen...that's right, a bright red ST. LOUIS CARDINALS patch. 

Mister Daly just stepped it up a notch in my playbook. 

It's also nice to see good old "Long John" hasn't lost his way as he had a cigarette dangling from his mouth while taking aim at the green. 

Between the cancer stick teeter tottering on his lips (which he put out on the course), his hippie inspired saddlebag and his retro threads, I could have sworn we were standing by as extras for the remake of Caddyshack. 

Let's Dance!

As icing on the cake there was this complete whack job roaming around the course talking to herself exclaiming, "Tommy Lasorda, I can't believe it. One of the best players and coaches in baseball...he's so nice, so sincere and so passsssssionate." Seriously, this woman was moaning and groaning about Tommy Lasorda as if she were talking to herself in the privacy of her bedroom. It was so WEIRD. 

BUT...thanks to the crazy lady, we were aware that Tommy Lasorda was nearby and soon enough a cart dropped him off as he was following John. 

Legendary Tommy Lasorda walking towards John Daly on the 18th hole

As Lasorda trotted towards John he tirelessly questioned, "Is this the last hole?" 
JD: "What? You, tired?" 

It was pretty funny. 

The two later went on to chat about how Lasorda had stayed up the night prior watching playoff football, only had three hours of sleep and was up again at 6:30 in the morning. 

I couldn't believe here we were on a Monday (of all days) standing right in front of John Daly and National Baseball Hall of Fame Manager Tommy Lasorda...for FREE. Best day ever!

It was completely and totally surreal to me to see Tommy Lasorda just cruise by us on a golf cart (a TP employee was acting as his chauffeur ), just inches away, gabbing on his throwback flip phone like it was no big deal. 

San Diego, I love you!

We are hoping to make it back to the tournament in between work this week, but if we can't make it happen we won't be disappointed as we walked away with a pretty stellar experience without breaking the bank. 



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