Snooze Hillcrest San Diego

This morning we ventured out to celebrate Casey's favorite meal, breakfast, and to revisit one of our favorite Mile High diners that recently opened a branch in San Diego. A bonus is that it's located in the super cute neighborhood of Hillcrest.

Snooze opened its doors in San Diego in November 2011

And in standard Snooze fashion (just like our beloved Colorado Blvd location) there was a line with patrons overflowing onto the sidewalk. Hey, we're not the only ones that love this place.

After about 25 minutes we were seated just below the garage door window (see picture) with the sun beating directly on us. We may have lost about 5lbs in sweat, but we can't complain as it was another beautiful day in sunny SD.

I went for their signature Sweet Potato Pancakes (go all or go home, baby): sweet potato buttermilk pancakes topped with homemade caramel, pecans and ginger butter. 

Meanwhile Casey sank his teeth into the Snooze Breakfast Burrito: Filled with scrambled eggs, hash browns, house black beans, cheddar & jack cheese, topped with salsa fresca and green chili (you choose between green chili or ranchero). 

I annihilated my pancakes and I don't even feel guilty about it. Instead I'm just going to chalk this one up as "carb loading" for this weekend...or at least that's what I'm going to tell myself.

As always the food was delicious, but unfortunately the service was rather lackluster. Don't get me wrong, our waitress was absolutely wonderful. However, there was a lot of people waiting for tables, a lot of empty tables and not a lot of staff seating said people into those empty tables and it wasn't for lack of staff or an overcrowded morning.

With that said, we would still recommend Snooze to anyone and everyone! 

This was my attempt at taking a picture of us running...while running. 

After overindulging, we hit the gym because a couple that plays together, stays together....right?

Casey jumped on the 'mill earlier than I did to get in 5 miles in (I was lacking motivation) and I met him downstairs halfway through to get in 3 miles to keep my legs loose for Sunday.


And now that we've mentioned it, Sunday is go ALL or go HOME. This race is my redemption from October and if I don't finish with a Sub-4 than I will be walking back to San Diego. Okay, not really but I will be pretty disappointed.

Hopefully, my next post is full of exclaimation points, splits and Sub-4 marathon jargon.




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