Petco Park: #16

Wednesday was our day off to burn so we scurried to downtown San Diego for a tour of Petco Park. For just $11 a pop, we were on our way to discovering our sixteenth Major League Baseball park together. However, we won't exactly "count" Petco or San Francisco's AT&T Ballpark until we see a game in each stadium.

Casey and I made up 50-percent of the tour as only two others joined us as Mike (the tour guide) from Michigan led the charge. We got a peep of the grounds crew area, visitor's club house, dugouts (both home and away), field, press box and various schwanky $uite$ around the park.

Compared to other ballpark or stadium tours we have been on, Petco takes the cake. Maybe it was because we went during the week, but the overall experience was very laid back versus some of the tours that are very rushed.

Our main man Mike was also just a very chill guy which made it all the better as he was willing to take pictures of us on the field and kept the tour interesting by being conversational and informative instead of robotic and boring.

Here are a few fun things we took away from this tour:

-Petco Park is an awesome stadium. We weren't crazy for having this park on our list of "must see" stadiums. Nestled in a downtown neighborhood, you wouldn't even see the stadium unless you were looking for it. Unlike some cities, Petco is not a fixure in the San Diego skyline and reminded us of one of our other favorite parks, Target Field in Minneapolis, MN.

-The Padres haven't been doing so hot (obviously) and Petco has been notoriously known as a pitcher's ballpark as it's been almost impossible to hit a home run in America's Finest. Therefore instead of acquiring new talent, San Diego is moving their outfield wall in about ten feet in hopes of increasing offense...except it may be in favor of the other team and not their own, but whatever puts behinds in the seats, right? 

-Some parks are isolated, this one is not. Plenty of good times to be had around Petco especially due to its close proximity to the Gaslamp Quarter. 

-We LOVED the forced integration of the Western Metal Supply Co. building. Having the historic landmark as a part of the stadium makes it so unique....and fondly reminds me of LoDo in Denver. 

-$11 bucks for a ballpark tour. Beat that. 

-Random but the televisions in the visitor's clubhouse look like they are straight from 2000, when they broke ground in San Diego...about twelve years overdue. 

We are always counting down until baseball season starts (Go Cardinals!) but now we are even more excited for April as we'll be back in SD to see the Padres in action. 

Casey-Chicago Cubs (Boo!)
Me-St. Louis Cardinals (Woo!)

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