My Favorite Tuesday: Pro Compression, DetermiNation, Brooks and Babes

I woke up this Tuesday morning to all kinds of awesome news about some of my favorite things!

First, Pro Compression is having a sale! I have to be honest, I think I've only paid full price for one pair of Pro Compression socks ever (their festive marathon holiday socks) because they always have these amazing sales! So get out your wallet and log on because all black socks (endurance including sleeves, golf or PC Racer socks) are 40% off with the Coupon Code SOM113 at checkout.

The black socks are actually my favorite too because after I sport a crazy color or design of marathon socks on my long runs, I like to wear the black marathon socks underneath my skinny jeans for post-run recovery. Plus, no one knows your black socks are actually compression socks. It's perfect.

Right after I received the e-mail from Pro Compression, my phone buzzed and I opened yet another exciting e-mail from the DetermiNation team. Cancer has tried to pick a bone with my family in the past and has affected so many families around the world, so I felt drawn to do try to make a difference...even if it's minimal.

For four of my five marathons I have represented the American Cancer Society in hopes that one day our nation will find a cure.

With all that said, here's the flashy news:

"Join the DetermiNation team for the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon today!  Last year this event sold-out in only six days, and we expect this to happen in a matter of hours in 2013.  Join our team today to have GUARANTEED entry for the race.  We do not provide a free race entry, but we offer a lower fundraising minimum to those participants who secure their own entry. Chicago Marathon participants receive FREE group training, one complimentary team dinner ticket, an exclusive DetermiNation singlet, mentor support, and access to our VIP Race Day Tent.  **Use the discount code ALUMNI2013 (all CAPS) to save 50% off the registration fee (a savings of $37.50). This discount code will expire January 31, 2013, so register today! "

My favorite part of the DeterminNation team e-mail was this snippet: "...We also want to recognize the 5th anniversary of the Smoke-Free Illinois Act (SFIA). Since the passage of SFIA, we have seen a 6.7% decline in smoking and a 1.4% decline in lung cancer mortality."
(This makes me smile as my father passed away from lung cancer due to smoking)

Now to continue with everything rad about this totally tubular Tuesday...

MY CHRISTMAS GIFT ARRIVED! I cannot wait to get back to Casey's house to take my new Brooks PureDrift shoes for a spin (full review to come). I have been counting down to the release date  of the new PureProject line and I am over the moon for my new shoes. THANK YOU, CASEY!

Speaking of Casey, our favorite city is Denver, Colorado--home of the Sports Authority Cherry Creek Sneak! For our Mile High friends, just a reminder the price for this race(s) increases on WEDNESDAY, January 9. Register today!

(Sporting my awesome Cherry Creek Sneak long sleeve)

And because I'm talking all about some of my favorite things today, it's necessary that I include a picture of my FAVORITE MAN

Happy Tuesday! 


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