LEGOLAND and Farmers Insurance (not so) Open

Saturday started off on the right foot with us working an event at LEGOLAND for the Kids Marathon Mile in celebration of the Carlsbad Marathon weekend.

We started our activation early at 7:30 a.m., had an incredible group of brand ambassadors willing to play in the rain with us and met some of the cutest kids in Southern California.

One of the best parts, was that our client texted us right before our event to let us know our evening activation had been canceled...meaning we had the rest of the day OFF!

We had been wanting to go back to Torrey Pines for the Farmers Insurance Open but we knew it probably wouldn't happen due to our work schedule. However now that we were free for the day, it was game on!

Once we wrapped up at LEGOLAND a little after 10 a.m., we raced back to our hotel, purchased and printed tickets to the tourney and quickly changed into some dry clothes (showers are overrated).

Everything was going so perfect.

The rest of the day was ours, tickets were a breeze to get, we were going to follow Tiger, Phil and Rickie, it was going to be my first time at an actual PGA tournament (versus a practice round) and to top it off we found the most amazing parking spot where we were able to quickly hop on a (tournament) shuttle to Torrey Pines.

We were BEYOND excited.

Once we settled into our seat on the bus, one of the shuttle attendants said play had been suspended (after playing just half of the first hole) and that we were arriving at a perfect time as the tournament was getting ready to resume.

Could this get any better?

We were running around like two chickens with our heads cut off trying to get to the tournament as fast as we could to see Tiger tee off and now we were being told that we hadn't missed a thing! In fact, we were going to see a ton of play...YES!

The barcodes on our tickets were scanned, we got a sweet souvenir towel and we were on our way to stake out our spot. Heck, I even sported the best kicks imagineable for soggy golf weather AND it was "University Day" accompanied by some familiar faces from the top schools in the NCAA.

Ready to spectate at the first hole, golfers and their caddies made their way back onto the green to continue play. The sun was shining, Casey and I debated shedding a layer of clothing (our jackets) and the view looked like this (I know, pictures aren't allowed. Oops.)...

Seriously, a split second later we went from being on cloud nine riding on it, in it and being swarmed by it literally.

The most MASSIVE marine layer sailed in without a moment's notice only to suspend play yet again.

Dear karma, I am SORRY for taking pictures! 

The fog rolled in so fast (you could actually see it cruise by you) that we thought for sure it would clear up as quickly as it came in. 

We walked around the course, checked out the sponsors, took note on the latest experiential marketing tactics and tours and kept adjusting and readjusting our game plan; if they start again at this time, we'll follow Tiger. If they don't start by this time, Tiger won't play so we'll just follow Rickie. 

Speaking of Rickie, this was one of my favorite interactive displays--"Be the Tee." 

As we made our way to the 10th hole in hopes of seeing Puma's greatest spokesperson tee off the marine layer started to break up and the skies started to clear. Hooray! 

But just like before, the cloud monster came creeping back, took out a shiny needle and popped our PGA balloon. 

Marine layer-1; Jenny and Casey-0. 

(Crazy before and after pics Casey took of the 18th hole)

So just like any heartbroken (a little embellished) woman (and man) would do...we decided to drown our sorrows in romantic comedies and chocolate food...turkey burgers to be exact. 

(Side note: The Counter is a chain which breaks our rule of eating local but they have other locations in California, and oh yeah in Kuwait and Ireland...random).  

We went to The Counter in Del Mar where we customized our bird patties by piling on a mountain of toppings, one for every hour we waited for the fog to clear. 

Dinner score-Jenny and Casey: 10; Fog-0

I loaded mine with a fried egg (bring it), pepper jack cheese, green chiles, spinach, lettuce, grilled pineapple and sweet honey barbeque sauce. Note: I'm lucky Casey loves me because this was definitely not something you would order on a first date. I'm a messy eater as it is, but this order took it to a whole new level. I think I saved half of the sandwich on my face for dessert later. 

Anyway, Casey went the healthy route and concocted a turkey burger with swiss cheese, dried cranberries, grilled pineapple, lettuce, some flavorful balsamic dressing smashed between a pretzel bun. 

After a long rainy day, both dishes were pretty delish. And next time, if we really want to up our pants size we might split one of their interesting adult shakes

LEGOLAND, PGA tourney...sort of...savory burgs...although we were out some cash for the tickets we at least got a taste of the atmosphere and most notably realized we should invent a fog radar and retire (they don't show fog on your Weather Channel app people...think about it). 



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