"Cause This Is, See You Later...I'm Not Into Goodbyes"

Well, by the time you read this Casey and I will be off to sunny San Diego to start our next tour. I do not like using the word "hate," but when it comes to saying "goodbye".....wow, I HATE IT. 

Between what we have been through with our families in 2011 and 2012 (including early 2013), and the extra special bond we have formed during these times...it has made it MUCH harder to say goodbye this time around. I mean I hate even saying goodbye to our local staff when we depart from certain cities we are working in while on tour. There's nothing worse (but more beautiful) than forming these special relationships with people that were once total strangers only to have to say, "Check ya, later!" 

Now with our families, times that sinking feeling by about a hundred...thousand. 

As a daughter of a former Marine, I was taught (by my dad) never to cry...that it was a sign of weakness. Therefore, when it comes to emotions my brother and I are experts at containing everything in a tightly sealed bottle (just don't be around when it may explode). Ha. 

Anyway, that's where running comes in and always has to help me channel these emotions without concerning anyone else. 

Today, I took everything to Lake Arlington (my favorite place to run near Casey's hometown) where I got in nine miles before we leave tomorrow. It's a tranquil place (a loop) where you can zone out without worrying if you're going the right way or if you're going to get lost (or maybe that's just me because I never know where I'm going). 

Canadian geese were always a thing my dad and I loved. In fact, every time they flew over our house in a huge flying 'V,' he would call us out to come see them. To this day it's still a tradition as he is buried in a place we found perfect...near a pond where the geese visit. At Lake Arlington, flocks of geese and mallards are present making it feel very much like home. 

Anyway, long story even longer of what I'm trying to get at, the onion layers I'm trying to peel back or at least tell myself is that this is "see you later" because "we're not into goodbyes." When Casey and I started our relationship...which is crazy because we both weren't looking for one...to me, it felt like I had known him for years...everything was just so natural...but a lot of our relationship in the beginning revolved around long distance (St. Louis/Chicago and Denver/Nationwide when he began touring) which is SO hard. I don't know how many times I made the 4.5-5 hour drive home from the city of Chicago to St. Louis or flew to see him on tour just to say goodbye again. However, we had this great song that put everything into perspective as the main chorus sang, "Cause This is See You Later, I'm Not Into Goodbyes."

I think that is why we love to travel and why we love to discover the world. We both know we are only young once, that we have this extremely short window and we are trying to take advantage of it the best we can before we settle down. EVERY TIME it's hard to leave our families, but it's not that we don't love them...in fact, it's quite the opposite, but we both know this is just temporary.

Anyway, tonight we had such a fun time with Andy and Lauren at D'Agostino's watching the Packers. vs. 49ers game. Nothing better than chowing down on (delicious!) pizza and watching playoff football.

Casey and Andy are Foursquare junkies and check in EVERYWHERE they go (especially together). Tonight, once Casey checked in after Andy they received the cutest message posted above. They have now reached peanut butter and jelly status. Gumby and Pokey. Now, if only Foursquare knew Casey and Andy are already bread and butter maybe they would have their own personalized badge.

Speaking of perfect pairings, look at these two; Andy and Lauren. They were posing for their portrait to be submitted to their newly founded "99 Date Club." If you want to join their club or at least check out  their website click here. The only problem is, I broke one of the rules and filtered their super cute picture via Instagram. Sorry, Lauren! 

With all that said, I just want to say THANK YOU A and L for such a wonderful night. Teej and Erica for having us over and being so hospitable despite Casey's obnoxious Foursquare review and thank you to our friends for being so awesome. 

Most importantly thank you (and love you) to my mom, my brother and Mr. And Mrs. Garms. 

Remember, this is just "See You Later....

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