Back to California: Tour 2013

Well, it's been a while since we last chatted and a lot has happened. About a week after moving to Winter Park, Colorado, Casey received an alarming phone call regarding the health of one of his immediate family members (little did we know, it would soon involve the health of TWO immediate family members). We are not going to share a lot of information or get too in depth about what happened because that's personal to their family, but at the time we found it to be an easy decision to quit our ski gigs, pack up everything and move back to his parent's house to be present and help during this difficult time.

We flew from Denver to Chicago, the day after receiving the phone call (Saturday) and I flew back to Colorado on Monday to move everything out. My mom flew to Mile High on Tuesday and helped drive and keep me company, as the excellent co-pilot she is, on the trek back to St. Louis where I dropped her off and returned to Chicago.
Our job or lifestyle so-to-speak has some ups and downs (the ups far outweigh the downs). For example, during my mom's fight with cancer in 2011, we had just started our 10-month long Verizon Wireless tour. With that job at the time being my only income, I couldn't fly home to take care of her or be by her side and I will always feel guilty for that.

Nonetheless, this time we were so grateful to have these past two months off so we could be home and be by Casey's family's side.

I was debating keeping all of this off the blog and not even alluding to anything happening, however we've had a lot of incredible friends praying for Casey's family and I want to thank you all for that (please keep them coming too).

In addition, I wanted to express how lucky I feel to be a part of such a strong and incredible extended family. To everyone reading this, please squeeze your loved ones a little tighter, enjoy each day to the fullest and thank a doctor or nurse the next time you see one.

(We broke out our onesies again for Christmas to celebrate our biggest gift of all, Casey's family altogether)

Life is not something you can plan and although we may have "planned" on being in Winter Park, Colorado this winter...we actually ended up right where we needed to be in Arlington Heights. We are so thankful for this time we have gotten to spend with family and it will be so hard to leave in January.

Speaking of leaving, that was a conversation in itself for us to have. Should we stay? Or should we go? Should we still tour? Or settle down? After discussing with Casey's parents, we were given their blessing and their encouragement to continue touring and accept our latest offer.

Luckily, everything has been in an upswing lately so we feel "OK" (not good, but just okay) with the decision to sign. The great thing about our latest tour opportunity is that it is only 15 weeks long, so we will be back in no time and it will line us up perfectly for summer tours.

Did we mention, we're also going to be Californians for a third of 2013?

On January 13, we will embark on our latest adventure, representing a former client and living in three cities in The Golden State: San Diego, San Bernardino and Sacramento. Oh yeah, and if any of our former staff members are reading this...we would love to have you all back (that means you: Sacramento and LA ignitors).

We are looking forward to more adventures in 2013, and wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year.


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