On the Road Again: St. Louis

(Mom, Liz and Bob)

We spent a couple of days with my mom before our quick trip to Chicago then it was back to St. Louis where we quickly met with her again before the madness started. During our fall tour extension we do not have a single off day from mid-September through October 30, (unless you count drive days as off days) so we're trying to enjoy every free minute we have. So those of you that think we just travel and have fun ALL the time...not true. We work REALLY hard and reap the benefits later.

My mom was so sweet and came to visit us at one of our events and brought her AMAZING friend, Liz, and Liz's husband Bob to see the Snack Shack in person. Liz has been a savior during my mom's battle with breast cancer, and my brother and I cannot thank her enough for supporting my mom when we couldn't be there.

Afterward we all went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Edwardsville, IL--La Fonda. We listened to Liz and Bob talk about their travels and I peppered them with questions about their favorite places as they have trekked around the world. They are by far the CUTEST couple I have ever met and I love the way they still interact with each other. I hope Casey and I are a replica of these two someday.

Liz is an avid reader of our blog, so I wanted to make sure to give her a shout out and a special thank you for such a wonderful night. I feel very blessed to have such an outstanding mother who has surrounded herself with such beautiful individuals. Casey and I look forward to seeing you two again someday soon! :)

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