Sweet Home Chicago: Chicago Half Marathon Part I

(I got my packet and this incredible view of the city from Navy Pier)

Last night we made the trip from St. Louis to Chicago as we're squeezing in a Windy City vacation to spend time with Casey's family and I'm also squeezing in the Chicago Half Marathon tomorrow morning to prepare for the upcoming Chicago Marathon in October.

Packet pick up for the Chicago Half is at Navy Pier and was scheduled to shut down at 7:00 p.m. on Friday. We barely made it as I arrived at 7:00 p.m. on the dot racing in flip flops while holding down my dress (FYI, high winds + cute dress=not a bright idea). I am pretty sure the race organizers thought I was trainwreck, but hey, we made it!

Check out this year's half marathon race shirts:

I am PUMPED about the dri-fit shirts, so much so that I might actually be wearing mine right now as I type this...

but so far aside from the sweet t-shirts my experience with this race hasn't been so pleasant. This is my first time running this half marathon and so far not only was my registration not confirmed (had to e-mail the organizers), but my BIB number was lost (luckily was reassigned to another one at the expo) but now the Metra pass I purchased that was supposed to be in my race packet, wasn't put into the new race packet (didn't discover this until I got home) and now I'm without transportation to the race, down six bucks and would just spend more money in gas and parking ($10 parking for the expo) driving back to Navy Pier from the Northwest suburbs to fix the problem. 

I am hoping race day is much smoother than my experience thus far and I'm encountering all this bad luck beforehand to have lots of good luck on race day! And hopefully I'll shower the Chicago Half Marathon with gracious reviews after tomorrow's race....hopefully. :)

Until then, does anyone want to give me a ride or share a cab from the loop? HA! ...No, but seriously...

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