Greenhouse Grille: Fayettevile, AR

Greenhouse Grille in Fayetteville, Arkansas is perfect for date nights, girls' nights, or just for nestling up to their cozy bar. I am head over heels for this restaurant as the owners not only created a business but used it as a tool to make this world a better place by using local and organic products whenever possible along with practicing sustainable business habits.

(A list of the local farms and businesses Greenhouse Grille uses in addition to their efforts to provide a more sustainable enviroment)

I ordered the house made organic bean burger served with pepper jack cheese with sweet potato fries as my side. I am a sweet potato fry fanatic, so my apology to GG but the sweet potato fries were rather lackluster (tip: stick with the regular fries or order a different side). However, the organic bean burger was so delightful, my tastebuds were having a party with every bite. The patty barely fell apart (all veggie burgers will to an extent) and it was extremely fulfilling. It reminded me of one of my favorite restaurants in Denver which also happens to serve up one of my favorite veggie burgers, Steuben's

As mentioned the food was pretty delicious, the business practices are beyond admirable and the atmosphere was an added bonus as it's a very cute, cozy and comfortable restaurant--perfect for a first date or a romantic dinner. Plus, there must be some ketchup secret in Arkansas because once again we experienced another homemade version of this condiment called the "Magic Ketsup" that you can order on the side (it's also the decorative swirl on my plate) and lets just say it lived up to it's name and was truly magical. I not only scraped every ounce of "Magic Ketsup" off my plate, but I also finished my extra cup on the side....and maybe guilty of finishing Casey's extra cup of ketchup too. Seriously between The House and GreenHouse Grille, I think Arkansas needs to hold a ketchup cook off or a ketchup convention of sorts. 

Anyway, next time you're in Fayetteville hit up this restaurant and feel good about yourself while digging into one (or two) of their scrumptious dishes! 

Check out the Greenhouse Grille's dinner menu (they also serve lunch) and their music lineup. 

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