Trail Running: Springdale, Arkansas

First day in Springdale, Arkansas and I found a spectacular place to get in some trail running (six miles, if you're curious). Okay, I may have gotten lost at first, but I finally found it.

Located in Springdale (the name might trick you) the Lake Fayetteville Trail is about 95% trail running and about 5% paved surface, however they are working on completing a 4.3-mile hard surface trail that will circle the lake as well. Filled with cyclists, runners and hikers, this 5.5-mile nature trail is worth the trip if you're ever in Springdale and need a good workout.

Tips: Arrive in the morning or early in the evening as the trail gets pretty busy. I wore my Brooks PureCadence because I live out of a suitcase and only carry two sets of running shoes, but I would recommend trail running shoes or Brooks PureGrit for this course. Also, the path is pretty tight so be alert for cyclists on the trail.

Most importantly, have fun and "Run Happy."

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