The House Gastropub: Little Rock, Arkansas

If you're in Little Rock, Arkansas you MUST go to The House Gastropub. As should stop reading this, shut your computer and go immediately. If you're nowhere near "The Natural State" then you should probably hop in your car, catch a flight, hitchhike or Forrest Gump your little legs to this Hillcrest neighborhood hotspot. "Why?" you say....well, I'll tell you exactly why....

1. The Hillcrest neighborhood, nicknamed "The Heights" by locals (thanks, Aunt Donna) is the cutest neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hands down.

2. Outdoor seating. When we went for the second time (yes, this place is THAT good) we sat outside and thoroughly enjoyed the intimate atmosphere.

3. Beer list. For a restaurant in Arkansas, this bad boy has a plethora of craft brews including Shift (New Belgium/Fort Collins, CO), Scrimshaw Pilsner (North Coast Brewing Company/Fort Bragg, CA), Abita Purple Haze (Abita/Abita Springs, LA), and Anchor Steam (Anchor Brewing/San Francisco, CA)...just to name a few...

(Sad I didn't snag a group picture with my Mom and Aunt Donna, but you can see a peek of them in this snapshot. Love you, both!)

4. Okay, now we are getting into the good stuff...turkey burgers. Casey and I have an obsession with bird burgers, and here at The House you can build your own burger or turkey burger. My order: turkey burger with just lettuce (you can get it with lettuce, tomato, onions and mayo), with the addition of their beer battered barbeque sauce, pepperjack cheese, green chiles and a fried egg. Side order, sweet potato fries (we'll save that for last). See that picture below...about five minutes later that was just a boring white plate. I KILLED it. Seriously, one of the BEST turkey burgers I have EVER had (bold statement). 

**Tip: Casey had the five pepper marmalade (on the side) of his bird and about one dip into the sauce he exclaimed, "I would put this stuff on ANYTHING! It's SO good!" So yeah, maybe get the five pepper marmalade too. ;)

(So this picture...went back a second time...same order...cleaned the plate...again. Our waiter was quite impressed by my expandable tummy). 

And now the BEST for last...

5. I LOVE sweet potato fries. 
    I LOVE waffle fries. 
    I LOVE sweet potato waffle fries! 

Holy smokes, these are by far the best sweet potato (if not the only) sweet potato waffle fries that I have EVER had (and I've had my fair share of waffle fries and sweet potato fries). I will be dreaming about these for the rest of my life...

I will be waking up in the middle of the night salivating over this heavenly creation. 

Bonus: The House serves their sweet potato waffle fries with curry ketchup. Sound weird? Yes. But is it? No. In fact, it's AMAZING, mouthwatering, mindboggling, you should probably bottle that up, sell it nationwide or at least sell it to me in a to-go container, please?! The curry makes the ketchup a little spicy, but not over-the-top. It's hard to explain, but just know that it's pretty much the best ketchup or condiment you will ever have. Sorry, Heinz. 

Now, scurry on over to this gem of a restaurant and send me pictures of whatever you're eating so I can relive this very moment...or moments...since we went twice in one week. ;) Nom...Nom...

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