Sightings: Buck Hunter Slot Machine

(Picture taken in Minneapolis, MN) 

If you know us (which if you're reading this you probably do) or if you're a fan of our blog (I wish) than you probably know if we are out to a local watering hole there is one thing that will ALWAYS catch our eyes, stray us from conversation and make our necks whiplash with a "double-take" like an attractive counterpart just walked by and that is...BUCK HUNTER. We are HUGE fans of this arcade game and we can't get enough.

Here's us again in Winter Park, Colorado:

So as you can imagine we were quite befuddled (great word I should use more often) to learn they were coming out with a Buck Hunter slot machine just before our trip to Las Vegas. I mean seriously, were we dreaming? 

(Again, Buck Hunter in Clemson, SC)

Last weekend, that dream...or advertisement Mr. and Mrs. Garms received from Harrah's...became a reality and boy was it magical...

(And Atlanta, GA)

Behold, the Buck Hunter slot machine (it's a beaut.): 

It's huge. It's found at the Cosmopolitan and Caesar's Palace (which happens to be pager friendly) and boy, is it everything we had hoped. The only downside is that there's really no skill involved that will help you in the bonus game (when you actually get to use the guns). 

Oh yes, and aside from being fans of becoming hunter heroes in a city near you....for our new readers, we also tend to be big fans of mustache straws (a cheap Wal-Mart buy that will keep you laughing for days). 

Happy hunting!

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