Review: Brooks PureCadence

If you just read our blog, you might think all we do is test our tastebuds at new restaurants, try different craft beers, travel, meet amazing new people and never work. Well, that's kind of true but realistically far from it. In reality, we work A LOT and I run...A LOT. If I posted about running, it might consume our blog and eventually Roaming Free of Charge may turn into Running Free of Charge. I am a running nerd (and proud of it) but I didn't want to put our readers to sleep with posts about upcoming races, PRs, shoes, runs, etc...until now. 

Everyone, I would like to welcome my new bundle of joy, PureCadence, to my running shoe family. Weighing in at 8.3 oz. and a size 7.5, she's a beaut. 

Joining my pair of Brooks PureConnect shoes, the PureCadence makes my feet so happy, I HAD to write about it! I love my women's PureConnect(s) because I like a very lightweight and minimalist shoe. However, the sole of the PureConnect wears easily with heavy mileage. Therefore, I wanted another pair of running shoes to add to the rotation with a little more support (but not too much cushioning) and a thicker sole for my upcoming marathon in October. 

It was like Christmas when my shoes arrived from Zappos, I couldn't wait to tear open the box. I broke in my pink pups with a 10-mile run on our hotel treadmill and oh my goodness did they feel amazing. Like running on clouds, the Brooks slogan, "Run Happy" could not be more true when sporting the PureCadence. I promise, you'll be in heaven. 

They're lightweight, bouncy, stylish (in my opinion), with more support and a more durable sole...basically, they're perfect in every way.  I would recommend the PureCadence to my fellow runners and any new runners out there. 

Review highlights

-If I am going to run 26.2 miles, again, each time I am going to sport the most obnoxious pair of shoes I can find. With that said, I used to be a huge fan of Nike shoes for their bright colors. I have always known deep down Nike doesn't have the best reputation with serious runners, but I wasn't sold on the Brooks color schemes and styles until now. The Brooks PureProject line not only meets my requirements for a minimalist/lightweight shoe, but the styles and color schemes are stellar! Could my lime-green and hot-pink kicks be any cuter? Maybe that's just me being a proud parent...err proud consumer. 

-Once you go Brooks, you don't go back. 

-As mentioned the PureCadence is not only lightweight, but the sole is much more durable than the sole of the PureConnect. If you are racking up your weekly mileage, the extra cash for the PureCandence will be worth it to ensure your running shoes last longer. 

-Order from Zappos; it's quick, it's easy and it will be delivered to you in about two days. It's pretty much the most amazing website ever. 

-If you order now, Brooks and Zappos have teamed up to enlist you in Run Happy University! An invitation will be sent to you via e-mail once you place your Brooks order on Zappos, and after clicking on the link and enrolling in Run Happy U. you will receive a Brooks New Runner kit in the mail (I'll be sure to post a pic when I receive mine)! If you needed more reasons as to why Brooks is the best of the best, well there ya go. 

Update: The Brooks PureCadence is my least favorite shoe of the PureProject line only because I like a more minimalist shoe like the PureConnect and the PureDrift. They're still a great pair of shoes, they're just not my favorite. 

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