Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: PNC Park

Recently, I was asked to name my top five ballparks...

well, lets just say a day later after visiting PNC ballpark...that all changed. 

Our fifteenth ballpark together ("Woahhh, we're halfway there..." again, cue the music), PNC Park, quickly catapulted into my top stops after our inaugural visit to Pittsburgh and here's why: 

1. You paint this picture of the city itself to be surrounded by rain clouds from all the doom and gloom you hear about regarding Pittsburgh. I found Steel City to be just the opposite; bright, beautiful, colorful, adorned with bridges, rivers and running/biking trails....seriously, what's not to love? 

2. The ballpark is situated right alongside the Allegheny River making the walk across the historic Roberto Clemente Bridge ever so scenic and breathtaking. Honestly, it's like the Midwest's version of AT&T ballpark. 

3. Uhhh, walking across the Roberto Clemente Bridge (one of the "Three Sisters") to get to the park...stellar. 

4. Hotels. There are about three Marriott hotels within an arm's length (okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but they're really close) from the ballpark which is always a huge plus. 

5. It's always great to have the "Wrigley experience" with bars/restaurants surrounding a Major League ballpark, but how about having bars/restaurants built into the outside of the ballpark?! PNC Park is truly unique as it showcases cute restaurants/bars built into the park's walls for baseball fans to frequent before and after the games. 

6. One of my favorite things about my beloved Busch Stadium, is that the ballpark was built to showcase the St. Louis skyline equipped with the backdrop of the Gateway to the West. In fact, the skyline in center field actually makes St. Louis look ....beautiful. BOLD statement. The same goes for PNC Ballpark, as the Roberto Clemente Bridge and the downtown skyscrapers are visible from the seats making the city and the ballpark that much more appealing. 

7. As much as I'd like to end on my lucky number six, I have to include Casey seeing his Cubbies win at PNC as a bonus to our trip. They say, "A Happy Wife Means a Happy Life "....well us ladies know, the same goes for men. A happy boyfriend is infectious and makes everything in life seem so much better. :)

Side note and quick baseball tip: Peanuts are always better and cheaper on the outside. 

Happy travels! 

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