Happy Birthday, Casey!

Happy Birthday! 

On August 23, we celebrated Casey's 28th birthday! We started the day by opening his birthday presents as soon as he woke up. I will save him from posting those pictures, but needless to say I think he was pretty delighted by his gifts. I ordered him a shirt we had seen earlier this year at Progressive Field from local Columbus, Ohio designers Homage, a New Belgium bike bell, a Shift (Lager) sticker to go with his collection, a cord to hook his computer up to our hotel televisions (so we can watch movies we have on our computers on a big screen) and lastly, I sent him on a scavenger hunt for his big gift! 
Alas, he found his birthday finale (a small football) with a note attached exclaiming that we are heading to Soldier Field on November 25.

You see, I bought Casey NFL tickets two years ago when we were living in Denver for NY Jets vs. Denver Broncos because he has never been to a professional football game. Unfortunately, we were unable to go (he went back on tour) and I had to sell the tickets for a lower price than I had purchased. 

This year, I exclaimed in my "note" that I truly believe the expression "Everything happens for a reason." The Denver Broncos game did not work out, because Casey's first NFL experience should take place cheering on his hometown team, the Chicago Bears, at Soldier Field. 

I'm not sure who's more excited for November....Casey or me. ;)

Now, we are in Little Rock...and I'm sincerely sorry, Little Rock....but there's not a lot going on here. We had planned to head to the local waterpark to play for his birthday, but it was closed. Major bummer. 

So instead we made our own pool party where we played Rummy, indulged on some of our favorite craft brews (we like to try different craft beers on our travels and these are some of our favs; Shiner Bock Ruby Redbird from Shiner, TX and Sudwerk Pilsner from Davis, CA for Case), tossed around the football and dunked each other in the hotel pool. 

Later we went to dinner at Juanita's, a place Casey chose based on Yelp! reviews he had read because the boy LOVES his Mexican food. 

Casey ordered fajitas and I opted for the chicken tacos. 

I thought my tacos were pretty tasty, but Casey thought otherwise about his dish. His rice was undercooked, his beans weren't up to par, and his fajitas didn't come out "steaming" (as mentioned, he knows his Mexican cuisine). 

To cheer him up, we headed to the #12 "Thing to do" in Little Rock (according to TripAdvisor...and in the span of two days has since slipped to #14), we went to the Rave...a.k.a. the nearby movie theatre where we caught "The Campaign." 

We were stuffed so we desperately needed some intense giggling to work off some of our dinner. 

Finally, we ended the night back at "home" (hotels are our home on the road), relaxing, watching episodes from last season's "Breaking Bad" and of course it's his birthday, so he had to make a wish, blow out the birthday candles and chow down on some funfetti cake, his favorite. 

I hope he had a wonderful day, because honestly although it may have been Casey's birthday....every day spent with him is truly a gift. 

Happy Birthday, babe! xo

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