Graceland: Memphis, TN

As mentioned, I had the best day ever with Casey at....GRACELAND (be prepared for photo overload). I had been before with my Mom and brother, but I had wanted to take Casey for a long time and my dream finally came true!

I grew up a fan of "The King" as my father pretty much thought he was Elvis. With his dark hair, my dad sported the signature Elvis hairstyle (with the curl in front) into his late 50s and always sang Elvis tunes, or better yet made up his own songs and lyrics on car rides.
My mom on the other hand is infatuated with Elvis, I mean who isn't? Elvis was one goodlooking man, and I wish I could have swooned over him at one of his live performances. Sigh.

Anyway, back to our trip. We opted for the platinum Elvis tour as we walked through admiring his Memphis home with an audio guide just one day after the 35th anniversary of his passing.

Here are a few photos from our tour:

(Dining Room)
(Billiard Room)
(Living Room, nicknamed the "Jungle Room")
(My favorite picture)

The memorial was inspiring as people from all over the world (England, Denmark, France, Australia and Brazil...just to name a few) left a momento to commemorate the milestone. It's hard for me to imagine the effect he had on people when he was alive, when his music is still thriving globally thirty-five years later.

(A small portion of the Elvis Memorial)

Here is a memorial left by a group of women that have celebrated Elvis' life at Graceland every year on the anniversary of his passing (August 16, 1977) since 2007:

(Of course, I had to include the picture from fans in Denver, Colorado)

After our tour of his property was finished, I collected our Graceland photo (always a sucker for souvenir pictures) and skipped (okay, maybe I just skipped) to the automobile museum where we checked out his collection of cars.

(Souvenir Photo)

Boy, did he have quite the assortment of high end vehicles. Not to mention, he had a variety of "toys" like specially made go-karts to race around his estate.

Casey and I were in awe of how large some of the vehicles were in the '70s. You don't realize it until you see these massive cars in person. I mean some of these boats were the size of two modern day cars, you definitely couldn't fit them in an average parking spot in today's world...but then again, if I had one of these precious items...I wouldn't want to park it anywhere or let anyone close to it.

After drooling over Elvis' prized possessions, it was time to check out his private plane, the Lisa Marie. I had marveled at his planes when I was a pint-sized gal, but I never got to view the inside...until now.

I think I could get used to flying if I had a conference room, couch, bed, bathrooms and 14-karat gold plated seat belts. No big deal. And to think that's what a luxury private plane looked like in the '70s. I can't even fathom the model of what today's celebrities are jet-setting in. An interesting fact we learned while scoping out his plane, is that Elvis didn't care for alcohol or for drinking for that matter. In fact, his refrigerator was often stocked with an assortment of sodas and original lime Gatorade. I found this fact to be intriguing, because he was strong enough to ignore the use of alcohol but unfortunately could not ignore the use and later the abuse of drugs.

After dragging Casey through every exhibit, it was time to say goodbye and head to dinner at The Germantown Commissary. This experience was honestly just so perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better send off for our last day in Memphis. Thank you, Casey for being so patient and for making my dream come true. I think I was smiling from ear-to-ear all day.

Until next time, Tennessee. TCB.

P.S. Katy Perry, can I borrow this insanely awesome Elvis costume for Halloween? Thanks.

(Elvis Presley costume Katy Perry wore in concert. Seen at the "Sincerely, Elvis" exhibit)

Tip: Going to Graceland during Elvis Week, is probably the best time to go. Ever. There are events all week including a vigil at the property in which Lisa Marie and Priscilla made a surprise appearance this year. In addition, there was a separate stage set up at Graceland where they held a competition all week to find the best Elvis impersonator! Elvis Week is a big deal in Memphis, and I couldn't recommend a better week of festivities or time to visit Graceland Mansion.

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