Germantown Commissary: Memphis, TN

Yesterday, one of my biggest dreams came true....I took Casey to GRACELAND. A separate blog post will follow about our trip to the "The King's" mansion, but I have to mention it as many times as possible because I had been waiting for a long time to share that special day with Case and I want to relive it as much as possible.

So after having the best day ever, we decided to chow down on some high quality Southern barbeque that was recommended to us by one of my amazing former co-workers, Ms. Randi Brown.

Located in the Germantown neighborhood of Memphis, we thought The Germantown Commissary was a perfect and yet ironic place for dinner since we drive a food truck on our current tour. Confused? In other states such as California and Arizona, your food truck must be stored at a "commissary" overnight, every night.

An adorable building that often has hungry fans spilling outside the door waiting for a table, at The Germantown Commissary you can order to-go or you can dine in. Decorated with the most random artifacts, pictures, license plates, stickers, etc. the atmosphere makes you feel like you're dining at a Moose Lodge of sorts.

(This reminded us of my brother, Nate, who is a Shinedown fan)

The menu isn't too large, it's actually straight to the point filled with certain options pertaining to barbeque pork (pulled or sliced), chicken and ribs with sides that typically accompany Southern home-cooking like beans, slaw, deviled eggs and more.

(Even in Memphis, we are reminded of our "Colorful Colorado")

I opted for a pulled pork sandwich with cold slaw and beans while Casey "picked two" with pulled pork and bbq chicken also with cold slaw and beans. We also ordered "Pig Sticks" from the appetizer portion of the menu which described the item as sweet potatoe fries, when instead they were more like sweet potato heaven smothered in brown sugar and served more as a delectable dessert.

The food was served extremely fast! Like I mean you no more gave the waitress your order and she turned right back around with your plates. Friendly staff, food served fast, and well-known bbq sauces (mild and hot) to smother your dishes...well, lets just say Casey and I both cleaned our plates in record time and were in desperate need of "couch time" afterward.

(Pig Sticks)

Next time you're in Memphis, stop by the Germantown Commissary for dinner and grab bratwurst nachos from Flying Saucer for a late night snack.

Once again, thank you Randi for this extremely tasty recommendation! This dinner was the icing on the cake to our perfect last day in Memphis.

Random note: No domestic or import beers are on draft. Everything is served in bottles and dirt cheap. Also, water is served in souvenir plastic cups....or at least we took ours as a souvenir.

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