Cleveland, Ohio: Progressive Field

During these past few months in Chicago, we were "Workin' Hard for the Money" (cue the music) so once we saw that we had three days off in a row, we decided to make a road trip to cross off two more ballparks on our quest to conquer all thirty.

First stop: Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio which for our Windy City friends, is only six hours from the city...

This was our 14th ballpark together and we were pleasantly surprised by the city of Cleveland. First and foremost, we have to thank Casey's friend, Nick Weisheipl, who got us great tickets to the game...thank you! Not only that, but he gave us some tasty recommendations for pregame, too.

Before exploring the ballpark, we stopped by Panini's Bar and Grill which was just a hop, skip and a jump away from the gates. Here, we feasted on one of the most delicious sandwiches I've ever sank my teeth into. An East Coast tradition, our turkey sandwich was not only large in proportion but it was served with fries... (best part)...ON the sandwich. One more time...fries ON the sandwich.

To accompany our dinner, we had a 24 oz. Yuengling which only ran us $4 a pop. Yes, you heard that correctly...$4 for 24 oz. of Yuengling (America's oldest operating brewery). Seriously, where are we? Altogether each of our meals only ran us $10.50. Could this city get any better?

Progressive Field was great. The Indians won in an exciting game, but overall the ballpark didn't really have anything that set itself apart from the others. A few things I found to be really intriguing about this ballpark and a few tips for your quest to cross off thirty in Cleveland:

1. Cleveland is EXTREMELY affordable. Holy smokes, $4 for 24 oz. of Yuengling? I'm excited; A. Because you'd pay twice as much and them some for a brewski at my beloved Busch Stadium and B. Yuengling is more prevalent on the East Coast but hard to come by for us Midwesterners, so to find it and get it for that cheap is just exciting in itself.

2. Panini's. Go. No other words necessary.

3. After the game, head to the extremely cute area of East 4th Street. A quaint area filled with bars, restaurants and boutiques, it's a perfect way to cap off an excellent night at the ballpark.

4. Hotels are located within walking distance of Progressive Field.

5. Lastly, and my favorite....the Indians merchandise shops in the ballpark featured a few t-shirts from local designers; Homage being one of them that we found to be particularly awesome. Kudos MLB, or at least Cleveland, for incorporating local businesses and designers!

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